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How to Instill Product Data Into Your Strategy

The proliferation of data-based practices has caused two major changes (at least): it’s raised expectations of data-literacy across all teams, and it’s started to change the ways data teams work. In this episode, Milene Darnis, Product Manager at Heap, shares why feeding product data into your strategy is critical, and how to do it successfully at each stage of your company as you grow.

Show Notes

[00:39] How she became a product manager at Heap

[01:42] What Heap is

[02:57] Why feeding product data into strategy is critical

[03:43] Business data and product data

[04:50] Data people should be tracking to make better decisions

[07:55] Kind of prediction model she would suggest

[09:04] Why product data is much more important for product-led companies than sales-led companies

[12:36] How to know if you have gone too deep in quantitative data

[14:17] Tool categories companies should be thinking about

[21:01] Most common mistakes she sees people do again and again

[22:28] Advice for companies who are just starting to gather product data

[23:55] How people can use product data to make better decisions

[25:30] Common mistakes people make when gathering data

[27:50] How she gets her data and finds the best customers who use her product

About Milene Darnis

Milene Darnis is a Product Manager at Heap, where she works on Heap's core technology: autocapture. This forward-looking technology gives product managers around the world the ability to ask questions about their users retroactively, without having to bug developers to implement tracking.


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Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s the founder of ProductLed.