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Product-Led Fundamentals is the free training that breaks down which businesses should (or shouldn’t) go product-led, why it’s critical to think about this last year now, and how to create a strong foundation for successfully building a product-led model.
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2 Things You Need to Know
If You Work For a SaaS Company in 2024

Sales-led businesses are starting to struggle
Companies that rely on ‘high touch’ sales processes are feeling the pinch of rising acquisition costs, premium prices, unnecessarily long sales cycles, leaky pipelines with low conversion rates, and limited scalability.
Sales-Led Businesses
Product-led businesses are taking their place
By re-engineering their products into ‘try before you buy’ growth engines, product-led businesses are seeing lower acquisition costs, better user experiences, faster sales cycles, and rapid global scalability.
Product-Led Businesses
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The Future is Product-Led...

And We’re the Ones Training Companies Like These On How to Ride the Product-Led Tidal Wave

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And Now...

You Can Get Instant Access to Our Free Training On the Fundamentals of Product-Led Growth

In just 44 minutes (yep, we timed it!), you’ll get clear on whether your business should be going product-led, how to go about it the right way if you decide to transition to PLG, and which critical steps you need to follow to make it a success
  • Why product-led businesses tend to scale much faster and how you can tap into the same powerful drivers
  • The 3 specific market forces that are quickly making PLG the only way for many SaaS companies to survive
  • How to establish a solid foundation for your PLG model and why it’s not as simple as ‘just launching a free trial’
  • 3 mindset shifts your company needs to make and how to create a product-led culture that drives success
  • The 4-step framework that every company should follow when developing their free trial or freemium model
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Fundamentals to PLG Growth

PLUS Earn Your First PLG Certification

Once you’ve completed the training, pass the final exam to receive your Product-Led Growth Fundamentals Certificate. In an industry where product-led growth is fast-becoming the ‘new normal’ for SaaS companies, getting ‘PLG certified’ will set you apart in a crowded job market.
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“Super easy to digest and informative.
I definitely recommend this for anyone interested in PLG.”
Stephen Barta
Stephen Barta
Customer Success Manager, Vena
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