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Wes Bush is the founder and CEO of ProductLed and the world’s leading expert on product-led growth. He is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself and the upcoming Product-Led: The Modern Way to Build a SaaS Business due in 2024.
Wes’ mission is to transform the way an industry sells for the better by focusing on a product-led growth approach. He fulfills this with Productled Academy, a coaching program tailored for go-to-market leadership teams. He walks teams through implementing the ProductLed GTM System, helping founders scale faster without working harder.
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Charting the Path to ProductLed

Wes' journey into product-led growth began with a fundamental question: "Is there a better way to sell software?"
His breakthrough happened in 2016 while working at the video analytics company Vidyard, where he helped launch a free Chrome extension. This freemium approach challenged the traditional lead generation methods and, much to his surprise, attracted over 100,000 users in less than one year.
This experience was his PLG “Aha!” moment – there is a more effective way to sell software. Rather than investing hundreds of dollars to acquire leads, you can provide an outstanding free product and users naturally become marketers by championing it to others.
Having worked with some of the fastest-growing companies, Wes now imparts his knowledge to SaaS founders and teams worldwide.
Here's a look at his journey to this point.
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Wes was born and raised in Canada.

Hypergrowth Startups

After university, he started his journey in demand generation, initially at VC-backed hypergrowth startups, where he thrived in generating a high volume of leads for Sales teams.

PLG Aha! Moment

In 2016, Wes introduced a free product at Vidyard, which has now been used by millions.

PLG Strategy Consultant

Over the next three years, Wes consulted with hypergrowth and Fortune 500 software firms on leveraging free products for faster growth.

1st Book Release

In 2019, Wes established himself as a thought leader with the bestselling book Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product that Sells Itself, selling over 100,000 copies globally through word-of-mouth.

ProductLed Is Born

The massive success of Wes Book prompted the rebranding of his consultancy in 2020, becoming ProductLed, the premier education firm for advancing product-led growth at software companies.

Podcast Launch

In 2019, Wes started hosting the ProductLed Podcast to connect with experts in the product-led sphere.

ProductLed Summit

Wes and the ProductLed team organized its first summit, bringing together 4,000+ product-led professionals.

ProductLed Academy

In 2023, Wes designed a live coaching program exclusively for SaaS founders and teams who want to scale their product-led revenue from >$100,000 in ARR to 8 figures and beyond.

2024 New Book Launch

What separates the okay product-led companies from the great ones? Wes' new book, Product-Led Scale: The Modern Way to Build a Tech Business tackles this question.

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