Join the next cohort of the  PLG Certificate Program. Application Closes Oct 24
Join the next cohort of the  PLG Certificate Program. Application Closes Oct 24

Why Get Product-Led Growth Certified?

Nowadays there’s a course for everything.

Photography? Check

Knitting? Check. 

Social media promo? Check.

But as a working professional, how do you level-up?

1) You could take on-demand online course and learn on your own. 

On-demand courses work great for disciplines that don’t change much. Take knitting, for instance, the art of knitting hasn’t changed much in centuries. Sure there’s different ways of approaching it and different patterns you can create but at the end of the day, you’re still knitting. 

2) You could go to university or college.

But, unless you’re in a highly regulated profession (i.e. teachers, doctors, or pharmacists), going back to school doesn’t make a whole lot of sense anymore. 

You pay a premium price just to learn outdated content for the majority of programs.

If you’re looking to break into the tech industry or move up the corporate ladder in a tech company, good luck. You need to be on the cutting edge of technology and and learn how to create solutions that often haven’t been created before.

3) You could read a bunch of books

Not a bad idea but there’s often not books written on exactly the topic you need to figure out. So you have to sift through lots of books, synthesize your findings, and then finally come to your own conclusions.

Each option we’ve outlined has its own merits but what’s missing is the role of the student

In the traditional world of education, it’s thought that the teacher has all the answers and the student is just there to learn. 

We don’t believe that’s the case at all. 

Especially not when you’re dealing with working professionals.

We believe that students play just as an important of a role as the instructor. 

In every product-led program, student are placed in a hand-selected mastermind group where they can share challenges with each other, give constructive feedback, and help each other learn something new. 

This creates an environment where student-led learning can often be more beneficial than the instructor-led content. 

This isn’t to say the instructor-led content isn’t invaluable on it’s own. 

Quite on the contrary, all of our instructors have years of experience tackling the same problems you’re about to tackle.

The difference is that by being placed in a mastermind group and solving your challenges together, you can take advantage of collective intelligence.

To foster this environment, we vet every single applicant so you’re matched with peers you’d be proud to call your friends at the end of the program.

In addition to our popular mastermind groups, here’s a few other reasons why you should consider joining a Product-Led Certification Program.

What’s Unique About the Product-Led Certification Programs?

  1. Student engagement is just as important as the content itself.

This program is not a lecture-style college course, or a 100% hands-off, self-paced learning program. Our live weekly training encourages program participants to work on their business and interact with their peers. This is hands-on learning at its best. You’ll apply the frameworks to your company, role, and product via exercises, worksheets, and weekly micro-projects.

  1. Intimate mastermind groups. 

We take networking seriously. That’s why we’ve woven into this program the opportunity to meet, connect with, and get support from other people just like you. When you join a product-led program, we'll organize you into groups of four to six so you can tackle problems and work collaboratively with your peers to solve them. Many members refer to these calls as one of the most valuable parts of the program.

  1. Expert speakers

We bring in expert speakers every week to connect the topic discussed in the live training sessions and add real-world examples from product-led growth practitioners. In the past we’ve had speakers like Patrick Campbell (CEO of ProfitWell), Jacqueline Cook (Chief Strategy Officer of Vendasta), and more.

What Benefits Can You Expect From Becoming Product-Led Growth Certified?

  1. You can work at some of the fastest growing companies in your industry

Product-led companies are growing faster than their counterparts in every possible way. Less churn, higher margins, faster and more sustainable growth. 

  1. You’ll build lifelong relationships with some of the brightest minds in your space

This is one of the most valuable parts of the program.

  1. You get full access to our copy & paste templates and worksheets to help you save countless hours implementing your product-led strategy.

Whether you're looking for tips on how to structure your onboarding experience, build a product-led team, or figure out how to get buy-in from your executive team, we have templates for everything.

  1. You’ll get the full attention from your instructors.

All businesses are different, so we limit the class size to make sure we can give you what you need to succeed with this program.

Every instructor cares deeply about you and the content they're teaching. At any point during the program, you'll be able to reach out to your instructor and ask them questions that are specific to your business.

Is the Investment Worth It?

Every program starts at $2,997 USD which can be a big investment for some.

Although you can always see what our alumni had to say about the programs, I'll cover one very important part you should consider before you make this investment.

These programs follow an outcome-based learning approach.

So, if you're looking to "go from sales-led to product-led" or "turn more users into happily-paying customers" there's a program exactly for that purpose.

Even a 1% increase in your free-to-paid conversion rate can pay for this program many times over in the first three months of rolling out the recommended changes.

And although it can be hard to quantify the value of making the transition from sales-led to product-led, you'll be able to save yourself from making countless expensive mistakes and reduce the overall time it takes to make the transition.

In addition to the benefits of taking the programs, 98% of our alumni were fully or partially reimbursed by their employer for their tuitionGet tips on reimbursement

What If I Sign Up And Find Out It's Not For Me?

Although we do try our very best to screen applicants to make sure that this program will absolutely be a great fit, sometimes things don't work out or other higher priority projects pop up.

That's one of the reasons we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our programs. We believe that if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase after the first 30-days of the program, you can reach out to your instructor and we'll refund you the full amount.

What Is the Product-Led Institute All About?

Founded in 2016, the Product-Led Institute exists to advance the practice of Product-Led Growth. Currently, we provide a platform where anyone can explore everything relating to Product-Led Growth, for free. Whether that's browsing our Product-Led Growth Hub, tuning into our Product-Led Podcast, watching our Onboarding Teardowns, attending our Product-Led Summit, or finding a Product-Led Job.

We also wrote the industry-defining book on Product-Led Growth. Our mission is to train 1 million leaders on how to build a successful product-led business.

Is Product-Led Growth Just a Fad?

Although whatever we say is going to be completely bias, just keep these developing trends in mind.

Three out of four Business to Business (B2B) buyers would rather self-educate than learn about a product from a sales representative, according to Forrester.

This trend does not apply only to small and mid-size businesses. As Gainsight notes, “Enterprise buyers also expect to try and evaluate software in an easy, frictionless way.”

Over the last 5 years, customer acquisition costs have risen by over 50%. That's a 10% increase every year.

At the same time, customer willingness to pay has gone down 30%. (Source)

You don't have to be a math magician to realize that if you don't change your current strategy, you're going to hit a breakeven point and eventually operate an unprofitable business.

Breakeven point

At face value, both of these opposing forces mean that operating a sales-led company is going to get harder in the next 5 years.

As Paul Graham, founder of YCombinator states, "The more it costs you to sell something, the more it will cost others to buy it."

Consumers are finally realizing that they're picking up "the tab" for an expensive sales process not a more valuable product. As a result, they expect more for less and this trend shows no signs of stopping.

On the flip side, why are so many people gravitating towards Product-Led Growth?

What Are the Main Benefits Of Product-Led Growth?

Product-led businesses have an unfair advantage and enjoy access to a dominant growth engine and significantly lower Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs).

1. Dominant Growth Engine

Product-led businesses tend to scale faster than their competitors in two powerful ways:

Wider top-of-funnel. A free trial or freemium model opens up your funnel to people earlier in the customer journey. This is powerful because, instead of prospects filling out your competitor’s demo requests, they’re evaluating your product.

Rapid global scale. While your competitors are busy hiring new sales reps for each region under the sun, you can focus on improving your onboarding process to service more customers around the world in a fraction of the time.

2. Significantly Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Free software also builds a moat around your business in three powerful ways:

Faster sales cycles: By having your prospects onboard themselves, you can significantly reduce your prospect’s time-to-value and sales cycle. Once people experience the value of your product, the next logical thing to do is upgrade. The quicker your users can accomplish a key outcome in your product, the quicker you can convert your free users into paying customers. The conversion rate is important to your growth strategy.

High revenue-per-employee (RPE): Software was always built to scale well, but with a product-led approach, you’re able to do more with fewer people on your team. Less hand-holding means higher profit margins per customer. Just take a look at Ahrefs in 2019. They have a $40 million ARR business with 40 employees.

Better user experience: Since your product is built for people to onboard themselves, people can experience meaningful value in your product without any hand-holding.

The benefits of a product-led GTM strategy don’t stop there. According to OpenView, product-led businesses are valued more than 30% higher than the public-market SaaS Index Fund.

What Questions Do You Still Have About The Product-Led Certification Programs?

Feel free to leave any of your questions in the comments below and we'll respond to them ASAP.
Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s the founder of ProductLed.