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The Definitive Guide On Product-Led Growth.

Discover the fundamentals of Product-Led Growth and how you can turn your product into a growth engine, widen your funnel, and dominate your market while cutting your customer acquisition costs.
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What experts are saying about Product-Led Growth

jackson noel
Jackson Noel
CEO, Appcues
"Organizations that adopt product-led strategies don't just have higher customer satisfaction ratings, they scale faster all while spending a fraction on acquisition costs.”
Nir Eyal
Nir Eyal
Author of “Hooked”
“Product-Led Growth is about helping your customers experience the ongoing value your product provides. It is a critical step in successful product design and this book shows you how it's done."
Keiran Flanagan
Kieran Flanagan
VP Marketing HubSpot
"The future of growth belongs to product-led companies. At HubSpot, we realized this a few years ago, which is why we disrupted our own business model before anyone else could.
Hiten Shah
Hiten Shah
FYI, Product Habits and Crazy Egg
“Product-Led growth changes how companies grow because it brings a focus on how the product you've built can help you acquire more customers.”
Karim Zuhri
Karim Zuhri
Product Marketing at SafetyCulture
“A strong brand and social proof are no longer enough to build trust with the modern buyer. You need to let people try before they buy to build trust.”
Val Geisler
Digital Strategist
"Product-Led Growth might be buzz-wordy right now but this is going to just be called "good business" very soon."

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Product-Led Growth is ranked as the top SaaS book, according to Book Authority

Learn the Foundations of Product-Led Growth:

Part 1
Why Is Product-Led Growth Of Rising Importance?
Find out why businesses are opting to be product-led and why you should join them
Learn whether a free trial, freemium, or traditional sales model will work best for your unique business through the MOAT framework™
Part II
How To Build a Strong Product-Led Foundation?
Understand the three elements you need to have in order to build a strong product-led growth strategy
Dive into how you can understand your value and communicate it to your market
Part III
Your Framework to Turn Users Into Customers
Discover how to skyrocket the number of users that turn into customers without being salesy
Learn a battle-tested process to consistently optimize your product experience

Wall of Love

Peter Caputa IV
Peter Caputa IV
CEO, Databox
I hope that no one else reads Product-led Growth. It gives away way too much of the modern SaaS go-to-market playbook and makes it too easy for everyone to grok.
Omar Zenhom
Omar Zenhom
CEO, WebinarNinja
As captivating as a good novel, Product-Led Growth is an absolute must-read for SaaS business owners. It shows how putting the product first can make marketing a breeze.
James Gill
James Gill
CEO, GoSquare
This book is epic. If you want to know more about how to build a product-led business, you need to read this. Go. Buy. It. Now.
Zeno Rocha
Zeno Roch
Chief Product Officer, Liferay Cloud
This is one of my favorite books in 2019. It talks about transforming sales-led companies into product-led companies.
Kaloyan Yankulov
Kaloyan Yankulov
Co-Founder, Encharge
A must-read book for SaaS founders, especially if you have a self-serve SaaS. Wes has provided a blueprint for creating a complete product-led growth strategy.
Wes does an excellent job at guiding business owners through the steps of building a business that is 100% product-led.
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You're Going To Learn:

✅How to save 3-6 months of development and hundreds of thousands of dollars by launching a free trial in 24 hours—and why you should do it (Ch. 10)

✅Which HUGE mistake ProfitWell's Patrick Campbell says can "kill your growth and set you up for long-term failure"...and how to avoid making it (Ch. 8)

✅How to turn more users into customers with the simple framework I invented—that already drives brands millions in revenue (Ch. 13)

✅Why you can't ever stop your churn, but how you can (almost) wipe it out (Ch. 15)

✅The 4-letter decision framework that will help you nail the right go-to-market strategy and growth model for your SaaS (Ch. 2)

✅Which of the 4 most common SaaS pricing strategies is the ONLY one with long-term viability (Ch. 9)

✅What the "Triple-A" sprint cycle is and how to use it to build a sustainable growth process—in just 1 month (Ch. 12)

✅How to stop paying customers from slipping away (Ch. 15)

✅The 3 apocalyptic "tidal waves" that are coming for SaaS companies—and what you MUST do to survive them (Ch. 1)

✅How to make free trial and freemium users hunger to upgrade to paid (Ch. 9)

✅The single biggest cause of leaky funnels and how to fix it, fast (Ch. 10)

✅Which 7 people you need in your “tiger team” to run a successful product-led growth team (Ch. 11)

✅The #1 thing to improve right now to maximize your customer lifetime value (Ch. 14)

✅Example of the most successful product-led companies and what they’re doing differently (Chp. 2)

✅The three things you need in your business to become product-led  (Ch. 8)

✅What the biggest benefits of Product-Led Growth are and how you can use them to your advantage (Ch. 3)

✅The most important product-led metric you need to track in order to get every team in your organization rowing in the same direction (Ch. 10)

Amazon & GoodReads Reviews

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Jonathan Kelly

I come from the project management world and am brand new to the SaaS world. This book was a great crash course in how to grow a SaaS business. The concepts were easy to understand and the book was very easy to read. Even though I had no previous knowledge of the SaaS world, I now feel like an expert. I'm super excited to get started growing our business.


Cameron Nuckols

Wes does an excellent job at guiding business owners through the steps of building a business that is 100% product-led. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn of the strategies they can employ to grow their company via their product. Honestly, this is one of the best written books on product strategy that I have read. I recommended it to my team immediately after finishing it.


Eden Bidani

A "must-read" for anyone in the SaaS space...or for any marketer, really, B2B or B2C

The mindset and principles that Wes solidly covers in this book are applicable to anyone marketing to millenials (who love good experiences) or Gen Zs (who love good products) - the PLG framework ensures both are taken care of by putting your customer's experience first. An excellent book. You will not want to put this one down and will digitally dog-ear every second page to come back to again and again.

Verified Customer

Wes provides a framework which you can instantly apply to your own business. Great examples and ideas that will help you getting started with a product led strategy. Easy to read. Read this on kindle, but will purchase physical version to put in the office as a “handbook” for my colleagues and I.

Kaloyan Yankulov

A must-read book for SaaS founders, especially if you have a self-serve SaaS. Wes has provided a blueprint for creating a complete product-led growth strategy. The book includes both top-level strategic frameworks and tactics like onboarding, product adoption and churn reduction example email sequences.

P White

Essential for SaaS founders! Easy to read and highly actionable, this is an essential read for SaaS founders and those looking to grow an existing business.

Rodrigo Fernandes

Based on a blend of his personal experience, thinking from the best names in the field, and also proven business theories (JTBD, disruptive innovation, behavioral economics, and others) Wes did a great job on writing an easy and practical book that just became a must-read for any modern startup.

Ramli Solidum

If you've been following product-led growth and want to know more about it, then this book is a must-read. I've followed Wes' blogs, webinars and podcast episodes where he's a guest. In this book, learn why product-qualified leads are so much more “qualified” than marketing-qualified leads, how to increase your freemium or free trial conversion and why are some big mistakes marketers make when implementing product-led growth.

Daniel Lv

As a growth consultant and Saas owner I enjoyed learning about the Product led growth method presented here by Wes. Especially if you have VC funding there is no better way to set up your user acquisition and growth strategy. Also the author discussed alternatives for bootsrapped founders or companies operating in a very small total addressable market. Definitely worth reading and essential knowledge.


Wes wrote an amazing book, the editing is perfect, all the fluff and bullshit been cuted off. This book could have been 600 pages but the author removed all the useless content, it only includes actionnables content with the right amount of words. I learned so much from it, from a business and product perspective. You gonna understand what makes a product great and how to help your users being successful with your product. To anyone that is involved in marketing or creating a product, this book is clearly a must read that you need to read, it gonna help you gain clarity and confidence to create a product by using the good way.


I was impress by the clarity of the message delivered in this book.

All informations are backed by real data and professional experience.

The beginning appeared to be a bit slow for me but it quickly changed after.

I will never see the marketing of SaaS the same way as before. Really eye opening.

Michael Case

Who's the most likely candidate to pay for your product? Someone who's already using it. That's the driver behind Product Led Growth (PLG) strategies. The idea is that instead of (or in addition to) filling your sales pipe with leads pulled in from traditional in-bound and out-bound sales and marketing efforts and then progressively qualifying them as they work through your funnel, you use your product to qualify leads to a much higher level. Users already getting value from your product make the best leads.

PLG isn't without its risks though. What if your free offering doesn't provide enough value users don't get it? What if it provides so much value they don't need to pay to for the additional seats or features? This books helps a product manager like myself think through the different kinds of PLG approaches, understanding the risks and benefits of each approach. I enjoyed the book so much I shared it with the rest of our management team. It's spurred some great discussions and helped us all get on the same page about our approach. Highly recommended for any Software as a Service company that feels like they're hitting the limits of the traditional sales model (or need a leaner approach to bootstrapping their start-up phase).

Justin Mcgill

The new way for software companies to gain a competitive advantage. There are seemingly new SaaS companies coming onto the scene every day. Depending on your business’s stage, Product-Led Growth is a strategy to help you compete or stay ahead of the competition. This book covers everything you need to know on the topic with credible sources and contributors. Can’t recommend it enough.

Aakash S.

Product-led growth is a buzzword, yes, but beneath the buzz is a solid foundation of business sense. Wes provides a thorough introduction into the mindsets behind PLG.


Nick Edwards

Must Read for SaaS Founders and Marketers. Terrific book that should be read by anyone responsible for growing a software company. It's both strategic and inspirational and also offers tactical advice and examples you can employ today.


Anna Jensen

Great Insight Into Product Led Strategy. Very useful practical guidance on how to determine if PLG strategy is right for your business and how to implement. Wes is a great resource in this space and his book lives up to his reputation.


Andrei Zinkevich

One of the best marketing books. This book is a gem. You dive in and get the step by step detailed process on how implement product-led framework to your SaaS. The nitty-gritty details and examples are priceless.


Bogdan Doinea

Best book on SaaS!! Best book on driving a product-led GTM


Mr Brown

EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. Wes distilled a lot of disparate concepts into one strategy. I work at a traditional B2B company and have been tasked to see how we can grow our company - I am excited to use Wes' strategies!


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