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The User Activation Framework That Unified Product, Growth, and Marketing

Unifying product, growth, and marketing is no walk in the park but today’s guest makes it look easy. Vivek Balasubramanian is the director of growth at Wave, an award-winning financial software designed for entrepreneurs. In this episode, Vivek shares how he became the director of growth at Wave, what FAE means, how he got the executive team’s buy in, and the experiments they are currently conducting. 

Show Notes

[01:03] What Wave is and what it does

[04:03] How he became the director of growth at Wave

[08:33] How he made sure the executive team knew what he was doing

[10:23] How he makes sure what he presents is predictable

[11:41] Metric he’s accountable for

[12:34] What FAE is and why is the aha moment not enough to define somebody as activated

[17:16] How the FAE for invoicing is related to the FAE for payments

[18:24] How people can figure out their first activation event for users

[20:21] How he got the executive team’s buy in

[22:04] How the product team has changed now that they’ve embraced the FAE framework

[26:02] Number of times they get together to review the metrics

[26:42] Changes and experiments they’ve implemented

[32:40] Interesting thing about data and metrics

[36:11] The experiment they are running

[37:47] How they figure out who needs guidance

[40:19] His advice for growth teams

[43:10] Where people can find him online

[43:43] Where people can find out more about Wave

About Vivek Balasubramanian

Vivek Balasubramanian is the director of growth at Wave, an award-winning financial services software company with more than 250 employees. They are serving entrepreneurs and freelancers around the world. As director of growth at Wave, Vivek is accountable for business activation, monetization, and retention. Some of his specialties include revenue and demand generation, funnel experiments, marketing data management, and leading functional teams.


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Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s a renowned Product-Led Growth pioneer and has challenged an entire industry to find a better way to approach SaaS growth.