Top 23 SaaS Marketing Agencies With Specialized Expertise

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

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August 12, 2023
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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the vast array of marketing strategies and techniques required to grow your product-led growth (PLG) business?

If so, then you may be looking at SaaS marketing agencies for help.

From SEO to SEM, conversion rate optimization to marketing automation, it's no wonder that finding the right expertise can be a daunting task. Even full-service agencies often specialize in only one or two areas, and freelancers may not possess the comprehensive skill set your SaaS company needs.

But fear not! I've done the research for you and compiled a list of the top pick 23 best B2B SaaS marketing agencies and consultants that excel in addressing specific SaaS challenges.

Let's begin by covering some SaaS basics and the criteria involved in selecting the ideal marketer to achieve the growth you strive for.

What Is a SaaS Marketing Agency?

A SaaS marketing agency is a specialized marketing firm that focuses on providing marketing services to companies that offer SaaS products. These agencies have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that SaaS companies face in the market.

SaaS marketing agencies are experts in creating tailored marketing strategies that help SaaS companies attract and retain customers, improve their product marketing, and ultimately increase their revenue. They have a wide range of services available, including content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, paid search, and email marketing.

By partnering with a SaaS marketing agency, companies can leverage the agency's expertise and experience to create effective marketing that drives growth. These agencies have a deep understanding of the SaaS industry and can provide valuable insights and strategies to help your company stand out in a competitive market.

Why You May Need to Hire a SaaS Marketing Agency

Building a profitable company can be challenging, particularly in an increasingly competitive SaaS market.

Here are three common challenges faced by SaaS businesses (and why you may be looking for help):

  • Competition: The SaaS market is becoming increasingly crowded, with new players entering the market every day. This makes it harder for companies to differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition.
  • Customer Acquisition Cost: Traditional sales and marketing tactics can be expensive, especially for early-stage SaaS companies. The cost of acquiring new customers through paid advertising, cold calling, and other traditional methods can quickly eat into a company's budget.
  • Customer Retention: Retaining customers is just as important as acquiring new ones. However, many SaaS companies struggle with high churn rates, meaning they lose customers at a faster rate than they can acquire new ones. This not only impacts revenue but also makes it harder to achieve sustainable growth.

In the face of these challenges, hiring a SaaS marketing agency can become an essential strategic move for your business.

How the Select the Right Marketing Agency to Overcome Your SaaS Challenge

Discovering the right marketing agency that can effectively address your SaaS challenges is the key to a successful partnership. Rather than fixating on the "what agency" aspect, it is crucial to focus on identifying the core problem you need to solve.

Once you have pinpointed your biggest SaaS challenge, it's time to consider how a marketing agency can help you overcome it.

There are several specialized areas where a SaaS marketing agency can provide valuable support:

  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost: With a product-led approach, companies can leverage product value and user experience to attract and convert customers. This reduces the need for expensive sales and marketing tactics, ultimately lowering customer acquisition costs.
  • Improve Customer Retention: By focusing on delivering a great product experience, companies can increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn. When customers see value in the product and have a positive experience, they are more likely to stay and become advocates for the brand.
  • Differentiate from Competitors: A product-led approach allows companies to differentiate themselves from competitors by providing a superior product experience. This can be achieved through features like self-service onboarding, in-app tutorials, and personalized user journeys.

By partnering with a specialized SaaS marketing agency, you gain access to their expertise in these areas. They can assist you in developing and implementing strategies that directly address your specific challenges, allowing your SaaS business to thrive in a competitive market.

Top 23 SaaS Marketing Agencies and Consultants

I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 23 industry-leading SaaS marketing agencies and consultants. These professionals have amassed years of experience and boast an impressive track record of success in addressing specific SaaS problems. Their expertise positions them as the best in the field, equipped to cater to your unique needs. 

Continue scrolling to explore the range of options and discover which B2B SaaS agency can provide the most suitable assistance in overcoming your marketing challenges.

1. 42/Agency

Work on plug-and-play demand generation for scaling B2B SaaS with 42/ Agency. Kamil and his strategy team have the paid marketing and ops know-how to help your company build a demand generation function from scratch or scale the business you’ve already started.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for 42/Agency

The primary focus of 42/ Agency lies on SaaS founders with B2B SaaS companies operating in the post-seed or Series A stage, boasting an annual recurring revenue of $3M or more.

Learn more: 42/Agency

2. Sway Copy

Look no further than Swap Copy for conversion rate optimization and SaaS copywriting. Josh Garofalo has incredible experience and results working with the largest SaaS companies in the business, such as HubSpot.

SaaS marketing consultant website homepage for SwayCopy

Josh works closely with you throughout a six-phase process from the initial meeting and online proposal submission and copy and revisions to handoff, copy launch, and final conversion optimization.

Learn more: Sway Copy

3. DemandMaven

Founder of DemandMaven, Asia Orangio, and her specialists help SaaS companies and startups create marketing strategies for business growth. 

SaaS marketing consultant website homepage for DemandMaven

You can book a free 45-minute growth audit to uncover top growth opportunities for your product. The company offers services to assist with go-to-market strategies, positioning, messaging, growth engines, customer acquisition channels, sales enablement, and website lead generation.

Learn more: DemandMaven

4. ProductLed Academy 

ProductLed Academy is designed specifically for ambitious SaaS leaders, offering a structured methodology to enhance self-serve revenue generation for your business. I’m the crazy one behind ProductLed Academy. Still, to my credit, I’ve helped optimize both saas free trial users and freemium models in hyper-competitive industries and have generated millions for my clients.

SaaS marketing consultant website landing-age for ProductLed Academy sign up

Acceptance into ProductLed Academy includes weekly 1-hour group coaching sessions with me (Wes Bush) as well as exclusive access to our Founder Community and all our programs and materials.  

Apply now: ProductLed Academy 

5. Val Geiser

Get in touch with Val Geiser about crafting copy for free trial emails that convert.

SaaS marketing consultant website homepage for Val Geisler

Val runs this ship and helps startups kick some serious butt when leveraging email for a free trial and freemium models. Sign up for her newsletter for a sneak peek at what she can do.

Learn more: Val Geisler


Set up an analytics stack with, a marketing technology agency specializing in building the ideal stack and implementing marketing automation for growth. Their expertise empowers marketing teams, enhances results and ROI, and streamlines operations for optimal efficiency.  

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for

Jake Peterson (The VP of Client Success and Analytics) and his team are the best when setting up an analytics stack and can help you leverage the MarTech stack to grow your revenue.

Fun fact: Jake used to be the VP of customer success at Segment and was also their first employee.

Learn more: 

7. Case Study Buddy

Create social proof that makes random people want to buy from you with Case Study Buddy.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for Case Study Buddy

The company’s founder and expert conversion copywriter, Joel Klettke, has an incredible process to get your midsize to enterprise B2B business an unreal case study with very little time investment on your front.

Learn more: Case Study Buddy

8. Profit Well

Patrick Campbell and the experts at Profit Well help you answer tough questions about pricing strategy.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for ProfitWell

The company has one of the best processes for understanding your product’s worth and developing a solid pricing strategy to generate recurring revenue.

Learn more: Profit Well

9. Make Mention

The founder of Make Mention, Jennifer Havice, is a customer research expert. With her consultation, determine the target audiences and what messages they need to hear at each point in the user journey.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for MakeMention

Learn more: Make Mention

10. Lead Cookie

Lead Cookie is great at LinkedIn lead generation for your Sales team. Jake Jorgovan, the company founder, has helped entrepreneurs like myself to up their LinkedIn game and acquire more customers.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for LeadCookie

Even if you don’t plan on using their services, Lead Cookie’s website is an excellent resource for learning how to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Learn more: Lead Cookie

11. MixBloom

Save countless hours and hire MixBloom to help your team with social media management and content marketing.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for MixBloom

MixBloom co-founder Pietro Saccomani and his team take care of the heavy lifting of finding, curating, and creating a content strategy so you stay relevant across all the channels that matter to your audience.

Learn more: MixBloom

12. ResultStory

Video is taking the world by storm, and consumer demand backs its popularity. It’s worth the investment to have Mike Lavin, and the creatives at ResultStory put together powerful customer video testimonials to showcase on your website.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for ResultStory

Learn more: ResultStory

13. SalesFolk

Heather Morgan and the specialized writers at SalesFolk create cold emails that people want to read.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for SalesFolk

The outbound sales email template they write has increased consumer response rates by more than 300% – her team is that good.

Learn more: SalesFolk

14. Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero creates high-converting testimonial videos so that companies shine the spotlight on their customers.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for Testimonial Hero

The case studies and testimonials generated by the company founder, Sam Shelper, and his team have worked with major SaaS players like InsightSquared and YesWare to win hundreds of customers.

Learn more: Testimonial Hero

15. Channel as a Service

Stewart Townsend founded Channel as a Service and has built indirect sales programs for leading SaaS businesses like Zendesk. Stewart can help you build out a channel program and be your outsourced channel manager.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for Channel as a Service

Learn more: Channel as a Service

16. Zeda Labs

Get the high-converting website you’ve dreamed about with Zeda Labs. The company founder and CEO, Quinn Zeda, and her team have an incredible process for increasing conversion by improving UX.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for Zeda Labs

Talk to Quinn now if you're looking to level up your website because she's often booked at least six months in advance.

Learn more: Zeda Labs

17. Outbound Edge

Optimize your pipelines and SaaS dashboards to help sales managers turn insights into action.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for Outbound Edge

Chris Ortolano founded Outbound Edge, a company that provides a 64-point pipeline assessment to focus on the conversations and sale metrics that matter most. Chris also created SalesStack, a Slack community, for B2B inside sales professionals.

Learn more: Outbound Edge

18. Yellow O

 Yellow O can help you upgrade your tech stack and get the most out of your marketing and sales technology.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for Yellow O

Mark Colgan started Yellow O to scale revenue generation through effective marketing and sales automation technology. Count on Mark to build a repeatable, scalable, and profitable revenue engine for your business.

Learn more: Yellow O

19. April Dunford

Nail your product positioning with April Dunford. With over 25 years of experience leading B2B technology startups, she has deep expertise in market positioning and has launched more than 15 products into the market.

SaaS marketing consultant website homepage for April Dunford

Work with April to better position your products in established markets or create a new category.

Learn more: April Dunford

20. Customer-Led

Check out Customer Led (formerly Growth Sandwich) to reduce your SaaS churn (the rate customers cancel their recurring revenue subscriptions).

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for Customer-Led

 The company owner, Aggelos Mouzakitis, helps B2B SaaS teams implement processes to reduce, predict, prevent, and destroy churn rates through customer research and evidence-based experimentation.

Learn more: Customer-Led

21. Nikki Elbaz

Consult with Nikki Elbaz to develop emails that power your product-led growth.

SaaS marketing consultant website homepage for Nikki Elbaz

Nikki has written and tested thousands of emails for SaaS brands like Doodle, Prezi, Tailwind, and Sprout Social.

Learn more: Nikki Elbaz

22. Skale

Improve link building and SEO of your B2B SaaS company with the expertise of Skale. Italo Viale and Jake Stainer founded the company after seeing a massive demand in the market for authentic performance-driven SaaS SEO strategies.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for Skale

The agency has helped grow new monthly recurring revenue for top businesses like Slite, Holded, Maze, and Piktochart.

Learn more: Skale

Why is SaaS SEO Important?

When it comes to SaaS SEO, it is crucial to bring the right person to the right page at the right time. However, in the fast-paced world of a SaaS start-up, it is easy to overlook the critical elements of a proper SEO strategy.

Failing to conduct thorough keyword research and neglecting on-page optimization are just a few common mistakes that can cost SaaS companies hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers.

23. Powered by Search

Powered by Search are expert in scaling SEO, paid search, and social.

SaaS marketing agency website homepage for Powered by Search

Dev Basu, the company’s founder, and his team have solid experience acquiring demos and trials for B2B SaaS companies like Clickfunnels, Clio, and Loopio with established product-market fit.

Learn more: Powered by Search

Explore the marketing agency options above, delve into their offerings, and discover the agency that aligns best with your goals.

FAQs About B2B SaaS Marketing

Below are answers to frequently asked questions to help you navigate the complexities of B2B SaaS marketing and make informed decisions for your business.

What are customer acquisition strategies for B2B SaaS businesses? 

A customer acquisition strategy serves as a comprehensive plan outlining the tactics and channels utilized to attract the ideal customers for your business. The most effective SaaS strategy differs for each company and relies on factors such as target customer profile, customer acquisition costs, customer spending, and growth objectives.

Is it necessary to hire a digital marketing agency for my SaaS product?

Each SaaS product is different. Start by identifying areas for improvements, such as copywriting, onboarding, pricing strategy, and lead generation. Work with a B2B SaaS marketing expert or consultant specializing in those areas. SaaS marketing requires special skills and experience, and not all digital marketing agencies have what it takes.

What are the most difficult B2B marketing skill sets to hire for?

Hiring qualified professionals for SaaS metrics, marketing operations, demand generation, and content marketing are among the most challenging positions for B2B companies to fill.

Should a SasS startup learn how to market their product as they go or hire a marketing agency?

It takes time for a SaaS startup to develop a product that’s ready for market. During this development phase, founders learn a lot about their product through trial and error and know the strengths and weaknesses of their team. Hiring a B2B marketing agency is beneficial and worth the investment once a SaaS startup has enough experience to identify the specific areas of their marketing plan they need to improve.

What types of SaaS promotions are most successful?

Limited-time free or discount trial offers, a branded podcast, live sessions on social media, customer testimonial videos, and creative content that makes you stand out are among the many options to promote your B2B SaaS product strategy.

Looking To Scale Your Self-Serve Revenue, Faster? Join ProductLed Academy.

We all need a helping hand in this lonely world of business.

If a SaaS marketing agency or consultant isn't enough to scale our business, and you’re either stuck and don’t know what to do next… or you’re just working on the wrong things - we have a solution for you! 

We’ve coached and mentored thousands of SaaS business owners just like you. ProductLed Academy is a 12-month coaching program, where you'll work directly with me (Wes Bush) to master each of the nine components of a successful product-led business (we spend around six weeks on each of these topics):

  • Vision: What is your company really good at?
  • User: Who do you serve best?
  • Model: How do you create a ton of value for your users to win?
  • Offer: Have you crafted an irresistible free offer for your ideal users?
  • Experience: Have you created an effortless path to value for your users?
  • Pricing: Is it easy for users to upgrade without talking to anyone?
  • Data: Do you know where users are getting stuck in your product?
  • Process: Do you have a growth process that enables your team to build out experiments, prioritize the high-impact ones, and launch the ones that are easiest?
  • Team: Is your team full of A players capable of taking you to the next level?

While you can have one or more of these dialed in perfectly, if you’re missing one of these key players, you’re going to have a hard time with growth.

Apart from focusing on those key areas of your strategy, ProductLed Academy comes with:

  • Weekly 60-minute group coaching call with Wes Bush, where you'll go through each of the components of the ProductLed Method (including pricing) to master a self-serve model.
  • Weekly non-negotiable tasks to keep you accountable.
  • Access to an exclusive ProductLed Founder Community so you can meet other ambitious founders and receive support 24/7.
  • Access to the ProductLed Vault, where you'll gain access to all of our programs (including ProductLed Acquisition and Accelerator), templates, and frameworks.

If you're ready to break through to the next level and master product-led growth, be sure to check out ProductLed Academy.

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