How to Achieve Product-Led Growth in 2024 (In Record Time)

Laura Kluz

Head of Content at ProductLed.

Laura Kluz

Head of Content at ProductLed.

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November 20, 2023
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This guide will help you master product-led growth in record time. 

What’s great about it is that everything on this list applies to 2022. 

In other words, nothing here is out of date. So you can get started today. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • An Introduction to Product-Led Growth
  • Product-Led Models
  • User Onboarding
  • Key PLG Metrics
  • PLG Tech Stack
  • Production Operations
  • Product-Led Sales
  • Benchmarks
  • Product-Led Marketing
  • Top Podcast
  • Experts to Follow on LinkedIn & Twitter

Ready to learn how to achieve product-led growth? Let’s go. 

An Introduction to Product-Led Growth

This section is designed to teach you all the basics about product-led growth: what it is, why it’s important, and why you should care. If you’re new to product-led growth, the content below is a must-read.

They’ll give you a basic understanding of this go-to-market strategy before we get into more advanced details of it below.

What is product-led growth? A definition and why it’s taking off 

By: Wes Bush (ProductLed)

Product-Led Growth is defined as a go-to-market strategy that relies on using your product as the main vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain customers. This article covers all the basics written by the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself.

what is product-led growth

Designing for Buying: How to Break Through the Ceiling in Product-Led Growth 

By: Sarah Guo (Greylock)

If you build it, users will come. Sarah Guo at Greylock discusses how product-led companies break through this ceiling and drive scalable growth.

how to achieve product led growth

Why your 2021 Marketing Plan sucks

By: Dan Schoenbaum (Hightide Advisors)

If you were bullish on your company’s growth last year, you need to carefully assess your overall go-to-market strategy. Read this article to learn why. 

how to achieve product led growth marketing plan

The Pillars of Product-Led Customer Success 

By: Aazar Ali Shad (ProductCraft)

In today’s market, B2B SaaS companies are expanding through product-led growth. But how do they retain their new customers and get them to use their product consistently? The answer lies in product-led customer success.

pillars of product-led customer success to achieve product-led growth

Next Generation Go-To-Market Has Arrived for K12 

By: Graham Forman (Edovate Capital)

A great breakdown of SaaS history and the current technological revolution has led to the rise of product-led growth. 

next generation GTM has arrived


Product-Led Growth Fundamentals Course 

By: ProductLed

This practical, no-fluff training video will transform how you approach product-led growth in less than 44 minutes.

achieve product led growth with this course

Product-Led Models

This section is dedicated to teaching you how to choose a product-led model that is right for your business. 

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to achieve product-led growth and learn about the different models (free trial, freemium, or hybrid) or challenge their current approach to market. 

Free Trial vs. Freemium: Use the MOAT Framework to Decide 

By: Wes Bush (ProductLed)

Find out whether a free trial or freemium model is the right strategy for your business with the MOAT decision framework. 

free trial or freemium model

Where Freemium Thrives and Dies 

By: Wes Bush (ProductLed)

Since the rise of PLG, more companies than ever before are launching a freemium model. This article debunks what environments your free plan will absolutely thrive in and where it might flop.

freemium model where it thrives

Free trial vs. Freemium FAQs 

By: Ramli John (ProductLed) 

In this video, Ramli John walks through the top FAQs when deciding between product-led growth models. 

FAQ video on how to acheive product led growth

Playbook: Scale to $100M+ ARR with a Usage-Based Pricing Model 

By: Kyle Poyar (OpenView)

Usage-based pricing allows customers to pay for products according to how much they use or consume them. Here’s a playbook dissecting this approach. 

usage-based pricing model playbook


Freemium vs. Free Trial: How 5 Startups Found Their Best Model 

By: Priscilla Tan (Breadcrumbs)

If you’re looking for some clear-cut examples of how five companies chose their model, take a look at this resource. 

product led model case studies

User Onboarding

If you’re looking to create an incredible onboarding experience for your users, this section is for you. 

User onboarding is usually the only aspect of a product that every single user will experience, including those who decide it isn’t right for them. 

So, the million-dollar question is: are you wasting the investment in the marketing, sales, and product teams with an experience that neglects the needs of first-time users so you can achieve product-led growth this year?

User Onboarding Course 101 

By: Appcues

Learn how to effectively guide your new users, and ensure that your product becomes their next favorite tool.

user onboarding course on how to achieve product led growth

Monthly Recurring Revenue SaaS: The 7 psychology principles responsible for +20% growth for clients 

By: Ramli John (ProductLed)

Increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue by following these 7 psychology principles responsible for +20% growth for ProductLed’s clients. 

psychology principles of onboarding

Product-Led Onboarding: How To Turn Users Into Lifelong Customers

By: Ramli John (ProductLed)

Truly master user onboarding with this in-depth book by Ramli John. This six-step framework will give you all the advanced strategies you need to turn users into lifelong customers. 

product-led onboarding book

How to build your first onboarding walkthrough 

By: Pendo

A step-by-step guide to help you build your very first onboarding experience.

how to achieve product led growth with this onboarding walkthrough

Complete Guide to Jobs to be Done in User Onboarding

 By: Ray Slater Berry (Chameleon)

Considering using the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) framework to build better user experiences? Then, step right this way; we’ve done the heavy-lifting to make your job easier.

guide on jobs to be done user onboarding

Definitive Guide to User Onboarding 

By: Wes Bush (ProductLed)

If you want to learn advanced strategies and frameworks to take your onboarding experience to the next level, be sure to check out this ultimate guide.

definitive guide to user onboarding

Key PLG Metrics

Monitoring metrics is important for every SaaS company to grow.

But which ones are important in a product-led growth model?

This section covers the key metrics you should follow so you can achieve product-led growth successfully this year.

15 Metrics Every SaaS Company Should Care About 

By: Sophia Bernazzani (HubSpot)

To ensure your company is growing at the rate it should be, you need to keep track of revenue, churn, leads, and more. This article reviews the key SaaS and growth metrics your company needs to measure and focus on improving to grow.

saas metrics to are about

11 essential product metrics for measuring product-led growth

By: Katryna Balboni (Appcues)

One of the most tangible ways companies can create alignment is by settling on the right set of product metrics. This article focuses on the product-led metrics you need to monitor for growth.

essential metrics for product led growth

10 Product-led Growth Metrics You Need to Track Today 

By: Serhat Erdem (UserGuiding)

Another resource dedicated to the top product-led growth metrics you need to track. 

product led metrics to track today

What the Heck Are Value Metrics and How to Find Yours 

By: Wes Bush (ProductLed)

A value metric is the way you measure value exchange in your product. Here’s a guide explaining value metrics and why they are the linchpin to the successful execution of a product-led go-to-market strategy.

value metrics to achieve product led growth

Retention metrics that matter 

By: Craig Zingerline (ProductLed) 

This article looks at the core retention metrics you need to monitor, along with how to measure and improve them.

retention metrics that matter for product led growth

PLG Tech Stack

If you're looking to achieve product-led growth, you'll need a new toolbox.

There is a lot to think about when choosing the tools you need for success. This section covers all you need to know about your product-led growth tech stack.

The Ultimate Product Led Growth Tech Stack 

By: Arpit Choudhury (Correlated)

Because product, growth, and sales teams who don’t have access to the right tools with the right data are like musicians without instruments on a stage — they’re unable to do what they do best. Here’s an example of the ultimate tech stack.  

the ultimate product led growth tech stack

Product-Led Growth Tech Stack: 199 SaaS tools for growth

By: Laura Kluz (ProductLed)

Adopting a product-led growth model requires a new toolbox. But what tools actually exist to solve your problems. Check out this massive list of 199+ tools to help you crush your PLG goals. 

199 tools to achieve product led growth

PLG tools for each step of the customer journey

By: Spencer Coon (Beamer)

If you’re curious about which PLG tools you’ll need at each step of the customer journey, then this list is for you. 

tools for every step of the PLG journey

Building a Marketing Ops Tech Stack for Product-Led Growth 

By: Jacob Levinger (ProductLed)

This article focuses on the bedrock components of a marketing ops tech stack. It provides a great explanation of which tools you need, and more importantly, why. 

marketing ops tech stack

How to choose a tech stack for product-led growth

By: Diana Hsieh (ProductLed)

In this video lesson, Diana Hsieh explains what you need to think about when choosing your tech stack. 

how to choose your tech stack

Product Operations

This section is for anyone who needs to learn the basics of product operations in a product-led company. 

As with most operations roles, product ops is primarily a support function that assists the product team, but it is beginning to emerge as a vital piece of the product-led puzzle.

What is product ops, and is it right for you?

By: Christine Itwaru (ProductLed)

For anyone questioning what exactly product ops is and if it’s needed at your company, check out this resource. 

what is product ops

Trend Forecasting for Product Managers

By: Megan Murphy (ProductLed)

A company’s future depends on understanding your market’s evolving needs and expectations shaped by external forces. This article outlines how to identify those signals of change.

trend forecasting for product managers

Product Operations: What It Is And Why It’s More Important Than Ever 

By: Casey Paxton (Parlor)

Another resource touching on the fundamentals of product operations and why it’s of rising importance. 

why product ops is important to achieve product led growth

The Rise of Product Ops: the New Discipline Powering Product Excellence

By: Shaun Juncal (ProductPlan)

As product management continues to evolve, many new practices have been put in place to optimize product teams. This resource highlights those best practices. 

the rise of product ops

The 5 W’s of Product Operations

By: Max Duce (Appcues)

Who, what, why, when, and where is product ops? Read on to find out. 

the 5 W's of product operations

Product-Led Sales

Contrary to popular belief, being product-led doesn’t automatically mean you’re anti-sales. For those who want to know how the role of sales fits into product-led growth, this section is for you. 

We’ve gathered all the best resources on product-led sales – ranging from basics to advanced knowledge so you can conquer your product-qualified leads (PQL) and beyond in 2022.

(Not sure what a PQL is? Then, you’re in the perfect place. Read on.) 

What is Product-Led Sales?

By: Fred Melanson (Bliinx)

This video describes the basis of product-led sales and gives an introduction on how to integrate product-led sales into your current workflow. 

what is product led sales

An Introduction to Product-led Sales 

By: Anna Talerico (ProductLed)

While not every company can have a true product-led growth model, any company can set out to create a product-led funnel. Read on to find out how.

an introduction to product led sales

How to define PQLs: A cheat sheet for Product-Led Growth Teams

By: Earl Lee (HeadsUp)

Not sure how to define a PQL for your business? This article breaks it down for your team.

how to define PQLs to achieve product led growth

The Definitive Guide to PQLs 

By: Alexa Grabell (Pocus)

This resource discusses what PQLs are, why you should be using PQLs, and how to define them to supercharge your sales team.

the definitive guide to PQLs

Making the product experience better with sales-assisted user onboarding 

By: Ramli John (Sales Hacker)

When done correctly, salespeople can add a ton of value to users in a PLG model. They make the product experience better – especially when it comes to onboarding users.

Making the product experience better


Data drives decisions, but how is your product performing against others in the same space?

This section looks at the different product-led growth benchmark reports that were created in 2021. 

Each one will give you a detailed look at the data of hundreds of PLG companies so you can best learn how to achieve product-led growth.

2021 Product Benchmarks

By: Openview

In 2021, OpenView put the latest data under a magnifying glass to uncover: the best way to build a growth-driven product, the right sales and marketing approach for your product, and where to look for bleeding-edge PLG inspiration.

OpenView 2021 benchmarks

Product Benchmarks

By: Pendo

Pendo analyzed 1,000+ digital products and established benchmarks for businesses of all sizes so you can see how your own business stacks up. 

Pendo benchmarks

Key Product Led Growth (PLG) measures and benchmarks for K12 B2B edtech companies

By: Graham Foreman

A comprehensive article comparing traditional sales-led SaaS companies to PLG companies, along with key metrics to track. 

product led growth benchmarks

The State Of Product-Led Experience Vol. One

By: ReinventGrowth

This resource takes data and insights from 40+ leading SaaS organizations to analyze key areas of PLG: onboarding, metrics, KPIs, experience, among others – including benchmarks

the state of product-led experience

Product-Led Growth 2022 Benchmarkeing Survey

By: ProductLed, Gainsight, & RevOps Squared

ProductLed, in partnership with Gainsight, and RevOps Squared, is conducting research throughout January and February to benchmark the state of Product-Led Growth including:

  • PLG adoption maturity
  • PLG organizational responsibilities
  • PLG customer acquisition measurements
  • PLG customer expansion measurements
  • PLG conversion measurements
  • Product analytics adoption
  • Product experience measurements

If you are involved in the planning, strategy, or execution of a Product-Led Growth strategy in your company, you can gain early access to the research findings by participating in the research.

Product-Led Marketing

This section is all about how the marketing team needs to adjust in a product-led company. 

Ultimately this all comes down to making the shift from just telling people what you do to showing them what you do.

All of the resources listed here will show you how to do it.

The Ultimate Guide to Product-Led Growth Marketing

By: Userpilot

Product-led growth marketing is when you use the product as the primary driver of acquisition. This guide shows you how to drive your business’ product-led marketing efforts. 

ultimate guide to product led marketing

A Complete Guide To Product-Led Content Strategy (With Examples)

By: Greg Jarboe (Search Engine Journal)

This guide is for anyone looking to focus on weaving their product into their content without being too salesy. 

Guide to product led content stretagy

5 Ways to Drive Pipeline With Product-Led Content

By: Navattic

This guide explains how product-led content makes the job of a sales team easier with the different formats you can use to master the craft.

drive pipeline with product led content

When your product is content 

By: Eric Peters (HubSpot)

The VP of Marketing at HubSpot shares how online education and certification can empower product growth. 

why your product is content

Top Podcasts

Product-Led Revenue Podcast 

By: Correlated

In this podcast hosted by Correlated, a platform dedicated to product-led revenue, you’ll hear innovative tactics from professionals who are using product user insights to drive revenue growth.

The Product Led Revenue Podcast

Product-Led Sales Podcast 

By: HeadsUp

If you’re new to the product-led sales game, you’ll want to check out this podcast by HeadsUp. It brings together the world's best leaders in sales, GTM ops, customer success, and revenue, to share their insights around closing deals and growing revenue at product-led companies. 

product led sales podcast

ProductLed Podcast 

By: ProductLed

Every week, we release a new podcast episode that dissects how world-class product leaders are using their products to grow their business.

productled podcast

Value First: The Product-Led Sales Podcast

By: Fred Melanson (Bliinx)

This is a weekly interview series with the world’s best product-led sales and growth leaders who share their secrets about growing PLG companies, hosted by Fred Melanson of Bliinx.

product led sales podcast

OV Build Podcast 

By: OV Build

If you're looking to learn more about how other businesses approach product-led growth, you can't go wrong with Openview's podcast, led by Venture capitalist Blake Bartlett.

the OV Build Podcast

Inside Intercom Podcast 

By: Intercom

The Intercom podcast interviews a wide range of operators at leading SaaS companies and dig deep into the background of each guest to give you some valuable insights.

Inside Intercom Podcast

Product to Product Podcast 

By: Roadmunk

The Product to Product podcast is run by Roadmunk. This podcast is perfect if you're looking to learn from other product folks who are bold enough to share what did and didn't work. 

Product to Product Podcast

Experts to Follow on LinkedIn & Twitter

With so many people talking about product-led growth, you might be on the lookout for who to follow on social media.

This section highlights the top players in the field who use their platforms to share knowledge about product-led growth with their followers.

Ramli John 

The former Director of Training at ProductLed, and now the Director of Content at Appcues, Ramli shares a ton of insights on SaaS and product-led onboarding, the latter is a topic which he wrote a bestselling book on.   

Ramli John

Twitter: @RamliJohn

Connect on LinkedIn

Wes Bush

The founder of ProductLed and author of the bestselling book Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself, Wes has been dubbed the Bill Gates of PLG and shares about all things related to the topic. 

Wes Bush

Twitter: @wes_bush

Connect on LinkedIn

Eric Peters 

Eric Peters is the Senior Growth Manager over at HubSpot, and his LinkedIn is packed with insights on diversity, growth marketing, product-led growth, customer education, and product management.

Eric Peters

Twitter: @EricPeters0

Connect on LinkedIn

Eric Keating

Eric is the VP of Marketing at Appcues and a huge advocate for user onboarding, product marketing and product-led growth.

Eric Keating

Twitter: @iamerickeating

Connect on LinkedIn

Sam Richard

The VP of the Growth Team at OpenView, Sam talks about SaaS and product-led growth. 

Sam Richard

Twitter: @SamCRichard

Connect on LinkedIn

Gibson Biddle

A former leader at top companies like Netflix, Gibson shares about his experiences at these companies along with speaking, writing, and hosting workshops on product leadership, strategy, and culture.

Gibson Biddle

Twitter: @gibsonbiddle

Connect on LinkedIn

Andrew Capland

A coach for B2B growth teams and the founder of Delivering Value, Andrew uses his platform to share valuable advice aimed at growth teams on topics related to product-led growth.

Andrew Capland

Twitter: @acapland

Connect on LinkedIn

Mario Ajaulo

The Senior Director of Growth at Outsystems, Mario coaches students here at ProductLed, while using his LinkedIn platform to share insights about his experience with product-led growth.

Mario Ajualo

Connect on LinkedIn

 Francis Brero

The Co-founder and CPO of MadKudu, Francis shares his insights on all things related to the B2B SaaS world.

Twitter: @FrancisBrero
Connect on LinkedIn.


I hope this guide helps you master product-led growth this year. 

Now it’s your turn: what’s your favorite resource on this list? 

Or perhaps there is another excellent resource I didn’t know about that you think I should add. 

Let me know in the comments below. 

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