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product-led podcast

Who are the hosts?

Andrew Capland is the host of the #HowIGotHere series. He is the Head of Growth at Postscript, an SMS marketing product for growing Shopify stores. He is also the founder of Delivering Value, where he coaches other growth leaders on how to scale their impact & navigate their careers in tech. 
Maja Voje
Maja Voje is the host of the #growthtrends series. She is a globally recognized growth advisor and practitioner. She has built her career in leading technology companies such as Google and Rocket Internet. Maja teaches in one of the best-selling Udemy online courses, with more then 50k students.
Ramli John is the Managing Director at ProductLed, where he works with companies to accelerate their growth using PLG strategies. He is the author of the book EUREKA: How to Onboard New Users and Turn Them Into Lifelong Customers.

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