Join the next cohort of the  PLG Certificate Program. Application Closes Oct 24
Join the next cohort of the  PLG Certificate Program. Application Closes Oct 24

Customer Discovery at Miro - How to UX and Growth Lead to Big Wins

Norah Shi is the Growth Analytics Manager, and Eduardo Gomez Ruiz is the UX Research Lead at Miro. Miro is a digital whiteboard that makes collaboration virtually easier. In this episode, the discussion will focus on the guidelines on how analytics and UX Research can give astonishing insights on forming delightful products that customers will love.

Show Notes

[01:46] What they did before joining Miro

[03:25] The size of Miro as a company and a team for them

[04:57] What it is like working in UX Research at Miro for Eduardo

[07:43] What the Growth team at Miro does and its size as a team for Norah

[11:18] How Eduardo collaborates with other teams

[10:36] Norah’s transition from dealing with data to dealing with people for research

[16:19] The way of researching at Miro

[19:20] Sharing her experience in leading her first N2N research and its benefits

[23:21] His view on the ideal acceptance rate and number of invites to send out for recruitment

[24:37] Their most unforgettable user interview

[27:28] The rewards for the research and measuring customer love at Miro 

[30:44] How Norah feels about MPS and trying sentiment analysis

[32:14] His thoughts on handpicking quotes for MPS

[34:22] A walkthrough of the analysis process

[37:53] Her brilliant idea of inviting five teams in debriefing sessions

[40:45] The most crucial part of the tool tech to support capturing insights apart from Miro

[42:08] More about Miro boards

[43:58] Eduardo shares some good resources for the listeners

[44:25] On working, coordinating globally remotely, and the Miro culture

[47:54] What would Norah do differently, knowing what she knows now when she first did her research

[48:38] What Eduardo thinks that Norah has done that adds value

[49:57] Their recommendations on what the listeners can do to start with research ASAP

About Norah and Eduardo

Norah Shi is an expert on Growth at Miro. She has honed her skills from Uber as a Strategy and Planning Senior Associate under UberEats EMEA and PwC as an Analytics Consultant. 

Eduardo Gomez Ruiz is an expert in multi-market research studies and international business growth. Apart from Miro, he has worked with Uber, leading the Loyalty program creation for Uber Pro, Google, or Mitsubishi Electric. 


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