6-Week Product-Led Growth Deep Dive.

Discover how to build a successful product-led growth strategy from scratch and turn your product into a growth engine. This certification will give you step-by-step advice on how to take the product-led methodology from theory to practice.
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The World Is a Very Different Place Right Now.

Businesses are struggling. And people are looking for ways to spend less.

And if you have a sales-led go-to-market model, you’re paying expensive salespeople to sell your product for you.

Which drives up its price.

Which makes it harder to sell...not just right now — but forever.

And on top of that, people are less willing to take risks.

Even if they’ve opted-in to your list.

Even if they’re opening your emails and downloading your content.

Even if they’ve already sat through a demo or a sales call.

Even if they are on the brink of pulling out their credit cards.

Because in this moment…

Your potential customers are thinking twice.

They are not sold.

People are less likely than ever to spend their hard-earned money for a product that has even the slightest chance of not delivering on its promise.

What does this mean for you?

You’re potentially missing out on winning more happily-paying customers because your product’s true value is hidden behind a “pay wall.”

But what if...

What if you could use the same genius go-to-market strategy that unbeatable juggernauts like Slack, Zoom, and Dropbox have used to dominate their markets: by giving potential customers a free version of their product to start with.

Whether that be through a free trial or freemium model, you could potentially give buyers a way to solve their immediate problems and experience that awe-inspiring “Aha!” moment...without paying upfront.

That kind of experience builds trust, wins loyal users, and makes the upgrade to paid look like an absolute no-brainer.

But, before you make up your mind, let me share my story of how I became a firm believer in this new go-to-market strategy...

Because understanding how to turn a product into a growth engine completely changed my life.

Meet Your Instructor.


Hi, I'm Wes!

And a little over 5 years ago I was in demand generation at a B2B SaaS startup called Vidyard.

Now, I have the best job ever: I consult some of the world’s largest SaaS companies on product strategy, speak on stages across the globe & command the highest fees in my market. 

So how did I manage to become the top expert on Product-Led Growth? 

Here’s the short story:

At Vidyard, we launched a freemium product which quickly ballooned to over 100,000 users. 

And it was my job to figure out how to acquire new users, keep them engaged, and turn them into happy, paying customers.

Coming from a demand generation background, this was new to me. 

But, I had one thing under my belt.

I was excellent at conversion rate optimization.

And at first, I simply would apply conversion best practices to the initial onboarding experience for products. Of course, I didn’t think much of it at the time but then...

...I noticed a HUGE uplift in free users turning into paying customers.

I was intrigued. I knew what I did to cause this. But I wanted to see if I could duplicate these results for other businesses and still achieve the same excellent results.

So I started consulting on the side to see if this was a repeatable framework. And sure enough, it was... 

Some clients saw a 20% MRR boost in the first month after rolling out the recommended changes.

Others saw a 167% increase in free signups.

After seeing these processes drive results again and again, it was clear I was onto something. So I began documenting every single process and every single action. 

As a systems thinker, I wanted to codify what needed to be done to turn a product into a growth engine. 

And now, I teach these exact same results-driving processes and frameworks to product, marketing, and growth professionals all over the world.

And that’s why I’ve created this course. I’ve done the hard work of figuring out what works and what doesn’t and now I want to share with you the exact same tactics and strategies I use to help SaaS companies embrace product-led growth.

Now, if you’re looking for a laundry list of tactics like "make your buttons yellow,” this course isn’t for you.

The frameworks and processes I teach are grounded in one core principle: helping your customers unlock enormous value from your product as fast as possible.

And if you join this course, I will personally help you become laser-focused on creating a product experience that sells itself to your customers.

Given that I only have room for 40 people in this course I want to make sure you’re a good fit before you spend time filling out the application.

Don't take this course if... 

Don’t Have a User Mindset - If you think free users will upgrade by sending them hundreds of automated messages or you aren’t curious about how to make a new user of your product truly successful, this course is not for you.

Are Entry Level - The course material assumes a certain level of base knowledge. So if you have less than three years of professional product, marketing, or growth experience this course is not likely to be a good fit.

 Don't Have Product-Market Fit - This course is designed for those already working on products that have signals of product-market fit, not for those who are just getting started.

Have A Hardware Product - If your company primarily sells enterprise deals or hardware products, this course does not address these areas.

Take this course if...

You Have 3+ Years of Experience - You’re a product, marketing or growth practitioner with at least 3 years of working experience.

 You Have A Free Trial Or Freemium Model - You have a free trial or freemium offer and want more users to convert to paying customers OR you are interested in implementing a free trial or freemium offer in your business and want to fast-track the time it takes to put together a successful strategy.

 You Can Commit - You can invest between 3-5 hours each week to complete the course material and attend live Q&A calls (held at 12PM EST on Fridays).

 Bias Towards Action - You don't just consume content, you put it to good use.
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What People Are Saying.

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

Director of Product, Informed
After working with Wes, my team now understands why our growth levers weren't working. Wes would be a true
asset for anyone looking to improve their SaaS funnels and comes with my total
Chris Gimmer

Christopher Gimmer

CEO, Snappa
We saw a 20% boost in our MRR almost overnight by implementing just a couple of recommended changes in our onboarding process.
Brian Miller

Brian Miller

Product Manager, ConversionXL
Wes is the ultimate partner and instructor. He genuinely cares about helping
people grow and succeed with their businesses and careers.

Future-Proof Your Career: What You’ll Learn

Learn tried and true  techniques for using your product as a growth engine for your business. In addition to covering every topic below, we'll give you today's best practices, real-life case studies, and templates so that you can immediately apply the concepts you learn and start seeing results.

What the Heck Is Product-Led Growth?

Learn the fundamentals of Product-Led Growth and what it really means to be "product-led."

How To Make The Transition From Sales-Led To  Product-Led?

Unlock tactical advice on transitions from sales-led to product led, specially around culture and politics.

Why Is Product-Led Growth of Rising Importance?

Product-led businesses have an unfair advantage and enjoy access to a dominant growth engine and significantly lower CACs.

Product-Led Foundation

Discover what it really takes to build a strong foundation for any product-led business.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Learn how the product-led go-to-market strategy compares to other go-to-market strategies.

Introduction to the Product-Led Methodology

Learn one of the most powerful frameworks to build a strong product-led foundation.

How to Understand Your Value?

Learn your product’s “job-to-be-done” and how to define it for your business.

How to communicate the value of your product?

Communicating your value is at the crux of a Product-Led Growth strategy. In this lesson, you’ll learn the important role pricing has in a product-led business.

How to Deliver On What You Promise?

Find out what the top 1% of SaaS companies do differently when onboarding.


What is it? And why successful product-led companies track it like a hawk?

Bowling Alley Framework

Master three core fundamentals to see new users convert to paid;

Straight-Line Onboarding

See how you can eliminate “busy work” in your current onboarding process and help more people experience the value of your product.

Onboarding Flows

Learn how to build several onboarding tracks that will help you get new users experiencing your product’s core value.

Onboarding Email Strategy

Communicating your value is at the crux of a Product-Led Growth strategy. In this lesson, you’ll learn the important role pricing has in aa product-led business.

Why Every Team Needs To Play a Part

Why you need to convince the rest of your team onboard with product-led growth;

Product-Led Metrics To Track

Define what metrics you need to watch and how to create a proactive metrics dashboard.

Free Trial, Freemium, Or Something In Between?

Figure out what makes the most sense for your business.

How To Run PLG Experiments

You'll receive an experimentation template that will help your team prioritize the most important experiments to run each month.
Note: This is just a small sample of what you'll learn.

Learn the way that best suits you.

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. All courses come with online, social, live and simulated material.

Live Weekly Training That Challenges You.

Each week you will have a two-hour group training session with exclusive, actionable frameworks. We'll coach you through the current problems you're tackling so that you’ll have everything you need to build a world-class product-led business. A lightsaber is not required but will help you make friends. 

Interactive Product-Led Community.

Join an energetic community of 2,000+ product, growth, and marketing leaders on the same wavelength as you. Share and learn best practices, get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!

On-Demand Learning Platform.

Watch training videos in stunning HD, listen to mp3 recordings or read the text transcripts. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.
On-demand e-learning platform

Drive Growth No Matter What The Economy Looks Like.

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Imagine what it would be like if…

...you could predict what percentage of free users will convert into paying customers by the end of each month?

...your entire team was truly on board with helping your users become successful?

...your free-to-paid conversion rate consistently got better every month?

...you had hundreds of customers upgrade their plans without having to contact anyone on your team?

All of this is not only possible, but probable when you implement a successful product-led growth strategy.

And I know this because I’ve helped businesses, large and small, leverage their product to exponentially grow and scale their businesses in ways they never imagined possible.

Score $1,000's In Bonuses When You Join.

For a very limited period of time, we're giving away $1,000's in bonuses to help make sure that this investment is a complete no-brainer for you.

Bonus #1: 1-Hour Private Coaching Session ($2,000 Value)

I’m offering 1 hour of one-on-one coaching with me when you enroll in my Product-Led Growth Certification Course. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive an email from me to schedule your coaching session.

FAIR WARNING: I’m offering this bonus on a first-come, first-serve basis and there are only 15 private coaching spots available. Please don’t be upset if you come back to this page later to find that this bonus is no longer available.

My normal coaching fees exceed the value of your investment in this 6-week course alone. And the ROI you can expect from the 1:1 coaching in terms of impact on your business is at least 10 times that.

So, if you want to have me work with you 1:1 on your business and product-led growth strategy, now is the time…
product-led podcast
product-led speaker

Bonus #2: 100+ Masterclasses On Product-Led Growth For Your Team ($320 Value)

Once accepted into the program, I’ll share 100+ free masterclasses on product-led growth that you can share with your team. Whether you’re looking for advice on product-led acquisition, activation, retention, or strategy, you’ll have access to it all!

Some of our customers refer to this as the “Netflix of all product-led content” as you’ll be able to learn how fast-growing companies like ProfitWell, HubSpot, Drift, Pendo, and Appcues all used their product to accelerate their growth.

The best part is you’ll get it for free when you join the course.

Bonus #3: Limited Edition Hardcover Copy of Product-Led Growth ($30 Value)

You’ll be one of the first to get a hardcover copy of the book on Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself. This will serve as your workbook for the program and will be a handy guide while you’re implementing the course material.

Nir Eyal, Author of “Hooked” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Product-Led Growth is about helping your customers experience the ongoing value your product provides. It is a critical step in successful product design and this book shows you how it's done."


What You Get In This 6-Week Certification Course.

6-Weeks of proven-to-work frameworks, processes, and systems that will give you a repeatable, effective system that converts users into happy, paying customers ($2,000 Value)
On-demand e-learning platform where you’ll have lifetime access to all content. I’ll be regularly updating this course so you’ll be the first one to get access to any new material in the not so distant future. ($1,000 Value)
 Bonus! 1-1 Coaching With Wes - That’s me! I’m one of the industry’s most sought-after Product-Led Growth experts, and I am honored to be your mentor for the next 6 weeks. ($2,000 Value)
 Bonus! 100+ Talks On Product-Led Growth For Your Team ($320 Value)
Bonus! Limited Edition Hardcover Book on Product-Led Growth ($30 Value)
Over-the-shoulder examples, so you get to see exactly how everything is done before doing it yourself ($1,000 Value)
Weekly action items to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals ($500 Value)
Worksheets & templates to help you flesh out successful campaigns and mange your account - the same resources I use on a daily basis. ($500 Value)
Q&A sessions each week where I answer your questions, give feedback on your work and help you improve. ($700 Value)
Our private Slack group where you can find support and friendship from your peers, and reach out to me any time you have a question. ($1,000 Value)
Personal attention. All businesses are different, so I limit the class size to make sure I can give you what you need to succeed with this program ($2,000)
Certificate upon successful completion of course so you can set yourself apart in a crowded job market ($500 Value)

$10,000+ Value

product-led growth certificate

Become Product-Led Growth Certified.

If you are ready to get started building a successful product-led business, click on the button below to apply today.

$2,997 USD Per Seat

Group rate for teams of 3+ from the same company is $2,697 per seat
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Try The Program 100% Risk Free!

We’re confident that you’re going to get enormous value out of the Product-Led Growth Certification. We understand that this can be a considerable investment for some people. 

But here’s the deal – I’m not looking for “tire kickers.” I have no interest in offering all of my experience to those who just want to “window shop.” So I’m going to assume you’re serious about putting 100% of your effort into this program. And if you feel that I haven’t given you 100% of my effort in return, you get 100% of your purchase price refunded to you. It’s that simple.

This is a ZERO-risk opportunity. If this course doesn’t change your career, we don’t deserve your money.

What do Product-Led Growth professionals make?

According to Linkedin.com, the average salary for jobs that require Product-Led Growth skills is $120,000. This number can be higher depending on your location, company and previous experience.

How do you choose who to accept?

Our goal is to deliver the most actionable learning experience of your career. The application process screens for three things:

1. Relevant experience in the technology industry working on digital products
2. A relevant role focused on digital product growth
3. A relevant company where our concepts can be immediately applied.

This is to ensure you will get actionable value out of this course.

What are the official 2020 dates?

Open Application: 4/16/20 - 4/30/20

Application Review & Waitlisting: 5/1/20 - 5/14/20

6-Week Live programs: 5/29/20 - 7/3/20

When are the live calls?

We will host the live calls for the course at 12PM EST every Friday during the 6-week program. Each lesson will be 1 hour and you’ll have time for Q&A immediately afterwards.

Will I be able to expense this to my company?

Every company has a different policy regarding education budget. If tuition reimbursement through your company is a possibility you'd like to explore, once you've applied we can provide insights that have helped past participants.

Need help convincing your boss? Click here for an email pitch

I've applied to the program. What happens next?

Our team hand reviews every application for fit with each program. We receive hundreds of applications for each cohort so this process can take a few weeks. Every applicant gets a response, so we appreciate your patience as we complete the review.

We cap the number of participants to ensure that we can provide a great experience for everyone who attends. Once we hit the program cap, we stop accepting payments, and we waitlist any remaining accepted individuals. So we highly recommend submitting your payment as early as possible.

The final deadline for submitting your payment for the 2020 cohort is May 28, 2020 if seats are still available.

The 2020 cohort begins on May 29th, 2020.

Now Is The Time To Innovate.

History tells us that “how” you sell is just as important as “what” you sell.

(And these days, that message hits home more than ever.)

And just like Blockbuster couldn’t compete with Netflix by selling the same digital content…

...you need to decide “when” (not “if”) to innovate on the way you sell your product.

And Product-Led Growth is how you turn that into an executable business strategy.

To sell to today’s modern buyer, you need to decide.

Are you going to be product-led? Or will you be disrupted?

And if you join this course today…

...you’ll learn exactly how to implement a product-led growth strategy to help drive “Netflix-style” growth for your product.

See you on the inside?

Wes Bush
Author of Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself

P.S. If you’ve scrolled this far, I’m 100% confident this course is the perfect fit for you because you know how important it is to build a product-led business in today’s market. In fact, I’ll bet that you already knew that improving your product experience would have a powerful impact on your business, even before you arrived here today.

What I can assure you with absolute certainty, is that when you apply what you’re about to learn – every aspect of your business, including you and your team will GROW.

There’s nothing worse than guessing what you need to do to help your users become successful. Realizing that you should have had a free trial vs a freemium model from the start. Or giving too much of your product away for free.

Trust me, I’ve made all these expensive mistakes before. So I put this course together so that you don’t accidentally make them like I did.

I want to make sure that you never have to reflect on your day in regret EVER. AGAIN.

I want to make sure that you are surrounded with people who are highly motivated and aligned in purpose to make your vision a reality.

I want to make sure that you create a product that sells even without you – if that’s what you want.

It won’t happen overnight, but if you follow the simple plan I’ve laid out for you, you WILL succeed. It’s not always easy. But like I said before, it’s not complicated.

Let's make it happen!

P.P.S. Don’t forget! You have 30 days to try this program 100% RISK FREE. If this course doesn’t help you create a successful product-led growth strategy necessary to follow through with your most important goals, just send me an email and I’ll refund you on the spot.