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Scale your self-serve revenue by implementing the nine key elements of building a product-led business.
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This book is the go-to manual for building a successful product-led business.
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Product-Led Growth is more than just a free trial.

Most people treat being product-led as just a “product thing” and think the problem can be addressed with a simple free trial and great onboarding. But when your users aren’t upgrading to a paid plan, you realize that your problems go much deeper.
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This is preventable if...

You install the ProductLed System™, which helps users upgrade on their own without talking to you.

Book with ProductLed System
The easiest way to build a winning strategy for your business.
A simple framework to identify your top users and what success looks like for them.
How to decide whether a free trial, freemium, or alternative product-led model works best for your business.
Secrets to crafting an irresistible offer.
The simplest way to get your users to value quickly without any handholding.
The ultimate pricing strategy that allows users to easily upgrade without talking to you and grows customer value over time.
Key metrics to track and identify the bottlenecks holding your business back from scaling.
A single roadmap that will 10x your company’s efficiency.
Crack the code to build and maintain a high-performance team.

About the Author

Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself. He’s put in over 10,000+ hours of hands-on planning, teaching, coaching, facilitating, and solving leadership problems on PLG.
He’s helped billion-dollar companies like Boomi implement PLG, also worked with startups such as Vidyard to launch their highly successful freemium model (bringing in millions of users for them), and implemented every lesson along the way at ProductLed, turning it into the number one place to learn how to build a product-led business.

Since 2019, 700+ companies have collectively sold more than $1 billion in self-serve revenue using the ProductLed System™

After implementing the system, you’ll make quicker decisions and grow faster while making more profit. It will help you reduce needless complexity, identify and remove distractions, troubleshoot problems, and keep you and your team engaged and focused on a single vision.
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