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7 Lessons Learned From 5 Years of Product-Led Experimentation

Matheus Mello is the Growth and Product Manager at Productboard, a product management system that helps product managers understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around the roadmap. In this episode, Matheus will talk about Product-Led experimentation -- running Product-Led experiments in your company through having a clearly defined system. Furthermore, he will share seven worth-noting lessons from his five years of experience in doing Product-Led experimentations.

Show Notes

[02:15] What experiment Matheus finds most exciting and coolest

[05:53] What he thinks works and what does not in B2B that applies to B2C

[08:48] How he comes up with experimentation ideas

[12:32] The mistakes he thinks companies make in the context of growth experimentation

[16:27] His recommendations for companies on starting experimentation

[19:53] Going deep into how good friction is in improving onboarding conversion 

[24:05] The importance of getting the whole organization involved in thinking about experimentations  

[26:47] His bits of advice for companies on growth experimentation

[28:24] Where to find more about Matheus and Productboard

About Matheus Mello

Matheus Mello is a product management and growth professional who is passionate about building valuable and outcome-driven products. He has impressive experiences in leading growth and experimentation teams, B2B and B2C SaaS, CRO, activation, monetization, and retention. Matheus has accomplished so much in his career. Among these are: assisted organizations forge and grow marketing and product experimentation processes, he made generating more than 100Million dollars worth of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) possible with successful growth experiments, he made utility products the best performing the first-purchase category of Avast in 2018, and has product managed physical and digital products globally.


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Wes Bush
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