Product-Led Experiments to Increase Activation & Retention

Yazan Sehwail is the Co-founder and CEO at Userpilot. It is a product growth platform that helps product teams deliver personalized in-app experiences to increase growth metrics at every stage of the user journey. In this episode, Yazan will talk about Userpilot features and ways of doing things relating to product growth. With that, he will also share his perspective about AB Testing and more about product activation. He will also share essential tips and advice for product people that will surely help.

Show Notes

[00:29] What Userpilot is

[01:36] What is involved in conducting AB Testing and how to do it

[02:46] How they got the buy-in from the whole team in the process at Userpilot

[03:37] What is an effective Product Activation experiment for him

[06:14] The impact of activation experiments for him

[07:44] His view on the timing of conducting effective activation experiments

[10:21] His suggestion on indicating aha moments in user activation

[12:57] What he suggests for teams with multiple use cases

[14:47] How to improve product activation for him

[18:39] Pointing out results in using the process

[20:36] Pieces of advice for product people

[22:54] How to know more about Yazan and Userpilot

About Yazan Sehwail

Yazan Sehwail has a vast knowledge of the B2B SaaS space. He is an exceptional resource for strategy, sales operations, and developing scalable processes to improve companies concerning growth. He is previously the co-founder and brand manager at InnerChip. It is a software development firm specializing in enterprise web app development.


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