#HowIGotHere with Matt Bilotti (Hosted By Andrew Capland)

In a tech company, the road to success is to scale up. After successfully creating a super product and having a strong base of happy users, the next step is optimizing for growth. In this episode, Matt talks about his experiences working on growth at Drift and HubSpot.

He shares how he worked on a variety of projects during the early days at Drift, and how those experiences helped him scale his role as the company grew.

Matt shares some great stories, learnings, and mistakes that are especially helpful to those scaling their careers working in growth. Give it a listen!

Show Notes

[01:59] On being a product person with a growth mindset

[02:23] How he started working on growth at Drift

[06:06] His story going 0 to 1 early on

[08:49] The reality of Drift starting with a not-so-clean data

[11:41] His takeaways from working at HubSpot

[14:05] The importance of focusing on the value for users and the problem at hand

[16:04] On growth team goals and its pressures

[18:29] How he compares working on growth at Hubspot vs Drift’s first version

[21:11] How the team and projects at Drift evolved over time

[23:33] How his role changes over time with growth at Drift

[26:51] What skills he focused on to be successful in his role and achieving plans

[30:55] What he could have done differently working on growth,

About Matt Bilotti

Matt Bilotti is the Product Lead, Growth & Lifecycle at Drift. Being with Drift for five and a half years, he has watched the company grow from earning $0 in revenue to having 400 employees. Matt has worked across departments, roles, and functions with his core footing in product-based roles. He wrote a book with David Cancel entitled Burndown: A Better Way To Build Products and he has the Growth Podcast for Drift.


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Andrew Capland
Andrew Capland
Andrew Capland is the Head of Growth at Postscript, an SMS marketing product for growing Shopify stores. He is also the founder of Delivering Value, where he coaches other growth leaders on how to scale their impact & navigate their careers in tech. Andrew has spent almost 15 years working in SaaS marketing tech. He previously led growth at Wistia and was an early team member at HubSpot.