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Why You Need Transparency to Improve Product Engagement

For DevOps platforms like GitLab, transparency is crucial as it can provide feedback instantaneously. In this episode, Kenny Johnston, senior director of product at GitLab talks about product engagement, why transparency is important, and how people can build a successful product-led business.

Show Notes

[00:33] How he became the senior director of product at GitLab Inc.

[02:38] How he transitioned from being a web developer to someone who leads product

[04:03] What GitLab is

[05:20] His process in terms of product engagement

[08:56] Where to start when improving product engagement

[11:02] How they handle trolls

[12:53] How they find ideas and potential products from the feedbacks

[15:09] What they look for when analyzing product engagement

[17:03] Common mistakes he’s seen people make when improving product engagement

[18:37] Signals they look out for when pulling the plug

[20:04] Frameworks or methodologies he uses to improve product engagement

[22:49] Why transparency is important and how to make it a reality in the business

[25:37] How people can build a successful product led business

[27:24] Where people can find out more about him and what he does

About Kenny Johnston

Kenny Johnston is the senior director of product at GitLab, a DevOps platform that changes the way security, development, and Ops teams collaborate and build software. The fast-growing, all-remote company has team members located in over 50 countries.


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Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s a renowned Product-Led Growth pioneer and has challenged an entire industry to find a better way to approach SaaS growth.