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Join the next cohort of the PLG Certificate Program. Application closes Feb 1.

Marketers, Make Pain Your Friend

If you're selling live chat software like Intercom, you're notĀ reallyĀ selling live chat software (fun fact). You're selling a new and better way to acquire customers.

Often, it's so easy to think that we sell products based on the functional job it accomplishes.

Businesses need live chat software, right?

No. Businesses DO NOT need live chat software.

But, businesses do need a new and better way to acquire customers.

The difference here is that we'reĀ innovating on the pain.

Businesses will always need to acquire customers.

If businesses aren't able to acquire customers, they experience pain. Pain that they didn't hit their marketing goals. Pain that they can't meet payroll. Pain that, well, sucks.

This kind of pain is product agnostic.

But, pain is also beautiful in a weird way.

Pain makes us want to change so that we can avoid it or even prevent it altogether.

I want you to ask yourself,Ā what core pain does your product solve for?

Most brands don't understand pain. They get caught up in the features and don'tĀ reallyĀ know why people buy their product.

So, they create web pages that resembleĀ this picture below.

Userlike's copy

From the copy, we know what Userlike sells, but why choose Userlike's live chat software over Intercom.

The copy assumes we know what pain live chat software solves for. This is NOT good marketing or good for your conversion rate.

To avoid this, you need to go beyond "what" the product is and highlight the emotional and social jobs people hire your product for.

For instance, if someone buys live chat software, they might be trying to fulfill a social job such as appearing more accessible to their customers. Or they want to have more meaningful conversations with their customers without having them fill out a form.

The point here is that there's always more than one reason why we buy a solution.

But, lucky for us, there aren't too many reasons... šŸ™‚

In fact, there are only 3 main reasons people buy products and they are:

ā˜‘ļø Functional Jobs - The core tasks that customers want to get done

ā˜‘ļø Emotional Jobs - How customers want to feel or avoid feeling as a result of executing the core functional job

ā˜‘ļø Social Jobs -Ā How customers want to be perceived by others

If you can understand these 3 main reasons why people buy your product, you canĀ boost your conversion rateĀ andĀ ultimately get more customers.

If you're curious about how to nail down the 3 main reasons why people buy your product, I'll give you all the resources so that you can do this research on your own for free atĀ

Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. Heā€™s the founder of ProductLed.