Join the next cohort of the  PLG Certificate Program. Application Closes Oct 24
Join the next cohort of the  PLG Certificate Program. Application Closes Oct 24

How's Customer Success and Product Teams Work Closely Together

Tom Ronen is the head of customer success at is a global software company founded in 2014. Its product is a simple and super customizable Work Operating System (Work OS), a tool that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence. In this episode, Tom will talk about how product and customer success collaborate on

Show Notes

[01:56] What is and its customers

[03:05] The importance of customer success and product teams to work closely together for him

[06:14] On finding the north star for both teams and KPIs to prioritize

[08:00] Who are the ā€˜active customersā€™ for

[10:13] Propagating the culture of transparency in all teams at

[12:31] Strategies to encourage collaboration from the teams at

[14:28] The evident effects of the system of doing things at

[18:00] His advice for product-led leaders and growth people on setting priorities

[20:25] His advice for customer success people in product-led organizations on getting their voices heard

[22:08] How to connect with Tom

About Tom Ronen

Tom Ronen is an experienced Customer Team Lead working for various companies in the software industry. He possesses the following skills in sales, public speaking, management in a fast-paced startup environment. Aside fromHe was previously connected with Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as a Commanding Officer - Combat Patrol Ship Unit for three years and two months. 


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