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#HowIGotHere with Anuj Adhiya (Hosted By Andrew Capland)

Anuj Adhiya is the the author of 'Growth Hacking for Dummies'. He is also currently the VP of Growth at Sophya. Additionally he mentors startups at Seedstars and Harvard Innovation Labs. He's been the Category Growth Lead at The Predictive Index and the Director of Engagement and Analytics at GrowthHackers. In this episode, Anuj shared how he transitioned from support to marketing and growth, how his journey at GrowthHackers started, how you can apply the growth methodology to grow your personal brand and the skills he thinks are critical to become a successful growth leader.

Show Notes

[05:32] What his first job was

[06:59] How he transitioned from a support role into marketing and growth

[08:52] Kind of things Sean Ellis was evangelizing when he discovered him on Twitter

[12:10] How his journey in Growth Hackers started

[20:09] How he eventually applied the things he learned

[31:10] The most important skills he thinks are critical to be successful as a growth leader

[37:02] His advice to those who would like to build their growth skillsets

[42:37] Where people can find him

[43:35] What’s next for him

About Anuj Adhiya

Anuj Adhiya is the the author of 'Growth Hacking for Dummies' (Wiley & Sons, April ’20). He is also VP of Growth at Sophya where he’s helping define the future of work.  Additionally, he's a Growth Mentor at Seedstars and Marketing Specialist at Harvard Innovation Labs. At both places he helps startups uncover their best growth opportunities and solve early growth challenges.

Before this he was the Category Growth Lead at The Predictive Index where he owned the site that successfully launched the talent optimization category. He was also the Director of Engagement and Analytics at GrowthHackers where he grew the world's largest growth community working directly with Sean Ellis, the godfather of growth hacking.


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Andrew Capland
Andrew Capland
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