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When Acquisition & Retention Work Together with Fung-Lin Wu and Tatiana Morozova from MongoDB

Fung-Lin Wu and Tatiana Morozova are powerful women handling important roles at MongoDB. It is an open-source document database used in many modern web applications. They are behind the successful acquisition and retention alignment. They have proven that working together is possible and will bring positive results to the company, especially on customer activation. 

Show Notes

[00:51] Their background and roles at MongoDB

[02:42] How they keep the funnel flow smoothly from acquisition to retention

[04:34] How they measure quality sign-ups at MongoDB

[06:47] Frequency of their meetings to keep track of progress

[08:51] Success metrics and OKRs used across the teams at MongoDB

[11:32] What they do to maintain the alignment of teams

[13:52] A proof of their success in working together

[15:39] Teams they work with closely to ensure Product Led success

[17:45] Their bits of advice on acquisition retention alignment

About Fung-Lin Wu and Tatiana Morozova

Fung-Lin Wu is the Director of Retention Marketing at MongoDB who focuses on driving user activation and engagement throughout a customer's lifecycle. She is passionate about impacting business initiatives through customer lifecycle marketing, digital marketing, demand generation, and marketing analytics. Her experience includes Growth Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Operations, and Marketing Analytics in the technology industry. 

Tatiana Morozova is the Growth Marketing Lead at MongoDB. She is a seasonal marketing professional with a strong ability to optimize business processes and scale user growth. 


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