How Product-Led Companies Are Thriving in a Pandemic

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

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February 4, 2023
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Itxaso del Palacio is a partner at Notion Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in software companies with disruptive technologies in AI and ML, Business SaaS, cloud infrastructure, security, and productivity and communications, among others. Before Notion, she has been investing in software companies in Europe for over a decade. In this episode, Itxaso shared her definition of product-led growth, her thoughts on free trial, and the reason product-led is thriving despite the pandemic.

Show Notes

[00:48] What she does for work and for fun

[02:58] One physical activity she’d do for the rest of her life

[04:59] Her definition of product-led growth

[06:18] Different keys of success to implementing a great product-led strategy

[09:51] Her thoughts on free or free trial

[16:57] What a good time to value is

[19:39] Why product-led is thriving during the pandemic

[23:32] Her advice to enterprises that want to launch a product-led product

About Itxaso del Palacio

For almost two decades now, Itxaso del Palacio has worked with startups in Silicon Valley, London, Spain, and Latin America. She is also a partner at Notion Capital, an early stage investor in European SaaS, enterprise tech, and cloud. Itxaso holds a prestigious Kauffman Fellowship and is well connected to the global network of fellow investors. Itxaso holds a PhD in entrepreneurship and is an engineer by background.


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