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ProductLed Academy was built for SaaS founders and GTM teams to help them grow their company's product-led revenue from $100,000 to 8 figures and beyond. All while making more profit and having more free time without working harder.
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Step 1

360° Product-Led Analysis

First, you’ll take our 18-point ProductLed Assessment™ so we can understand where you are in your product-led journey. We’ll ask questions such as: Who’s your ideal user? Do you have a winning strategy? Do you have a quick time-to-value?
Once we understand your unique situation, we’ll be able to identify your company’s root issues more clearly.
ProductLed Analysis
Growth Bottleneck Finder
Step 2

Growth Bottleneck Finder

After understanding your situation, we’ll dig deep to find the holes in your product-led strategy. These holes prevent you from scaling faster and delivering better results for your users and customers.
We’ll help you understand how much these holes are actually costing you in terms of revenue, energy, and time.
You’ll get clarity into what’s been preventing you from scaling.
Step 3

The 3-Step Product-Led Roadmap

Once we identify the holes, we’ll lay out a clear action plan for you. This roadmap will be unique to your specific situation and goals.
And because we identified what’s preventing you from growing, you’ll be 100% confident these are the steps you need to take.
3 Step Roadmap
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You’ll Walk Away From Your Session With:

Clear Next Steps

What you need to do to scale faster the product-led way.

Identifying the Root Issue Behind the Issue

Since we dig deep into your business, we’ll uncover what’s really stalling your growth.

Insights that will Save You Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

We’ll share our ProductLed GTM System™️ that will help you understand exactly what to do at each stage of your product-led journey.


Follow in the Footsteps of Success Stories Like…

A small but mighty team, we worked with this startup to re-launch its freemium model with a strong focus on onboarding improvements, doubling its free-to-paid conversion rate within six months.
Mate Prgin
Our conversion rate from free to premium literally doubled in the month after launch.
Mike Prgin
Founder & CEO
We coached this $30+ million company to double down on its product-led strategy and model, significantly improving its free-to-paid conversion rates. More importantly, the CEO had more clarity about what the next step was for scaling the product-led business.
Clate Mask
“A big win is having a free trial-assisted experience. It’s different than how we had done a free trial years ago, which we didn’t do successfully, by the way. A bunch of customers don't want to talk to sales reps, and we didn’t have a way for them not to do that before.”
Clate Mask
With complete buy-in from leadership and an entire team on board for training, this $4B company made the transition from sales-led to product-led and built a self-serve engine from $0 to multiple 8-figures.
We accomplished so much in our transition. We’ve doubled our free to paid conversion rate. And, 10% of all of our customers now come from a product-led motion.
Ian Robertson

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