Why $9/Mo is Better than Freemium

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

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June 11, 2024
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A few months ago, Userlist introduced the $9/month starter plan. The plan allows SaaS founders to enjoy Userlist’s full set of features until they are able to hit the first 100 customers milestone.

We talked to Userlist co-founder Jane Portman to know the rationale behind the offering. Aside from co-founding Userlist, Jane is also a UI/UX consultant and the host of UI Breakfast Podcast. In this episode, Jane shared how they arrived at the decision to offer $9/month, why they opted not to offer freemium, and why it makes perfect sense.

Jane has been kind enough to offer 30% off the first three months of Userlist for Product-Led Podcast listeners. Grab this deal before it expires.

You can read more about Userlist's approach to user onboarding here.

Show Notes

[01:50] What Userlist is and how it started

[02:13] What their edge is

[04:38 Reason they added the $9/mo starter plan

[07:11] How they intend to move forward

[09:28] Why they decided on $9 

[11:59] Why they didn’t limit specific features for the $9 plan

[16:08] The thought process behind their video

[19:05] The core idea for a good UI

[20:46] What they have in the works to help users install the Userlist app

[23:02] One of the reasons they ask for the credit card upfront

[24:36] Any experiments they have planned that they’re excited about

[25:35] Her one advice to founders

[26:40] Where people can find out more about her and Userlist

About Jane Portman

Jane Portman is a UI/UX consultant and she specializes in web application design. She is also the founder of UI Breakfast and the co-founder of Userlist. Userlist is designed as an alternative to bulky enterprise messaging tools. At Userlist, Jane’s primary objective is to provide impeccable UX and help users become exceptional at customer messaging. Since 2014, Jane has also been hosting UI Breakfast Podcast where she talks to industry experts about UI/UX design, marketing, products, and many more.


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Wes Bush

Wes Bush is the author of the bestselling book on Product-Led Growth

He’s the founder of the Product-Led Institute and host of the popular Product-Led Summit.

Bush is best known for challenging the way SaaS leaders approach growth and has been featured in over 100 media outlets, including Forbes, MarketingLand, and Openview.
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