How Sales works in a product-led organization

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

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March 8, 2023
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Anna Talerico is the Operating Partner at Arthur Ventures in Nashville, Tennessee. Arthur Ventures is an early growth capital firm that leads investments in B2B software companies located outside Silicon Valley. She partners with portfolio companies to help them take advantage of strategic and tactical opportunities to accelerate growth and create enterprise value.

Show Notes

[01:04] What Anna loves to do

[02:09] What Arthur Ventures is and its focus

[03:12] Why should people be wary of the traditional SaaS inside sales model

[04:59] The shift of inside sales role in a product-led organization

[08:15] The value-adding moments of the customer journey

[10:36] An example of success in doing high touch in small accounts

[11:42] On motion efficiency

[13:38] Where to start for a traditional product-led organization to build a world-class expansion team 

[16:51] When is the right time for a purely product-led company to add more sales assisted motion

[19:16] Structuring sales compensation for a product-led organization

[21:42] The ideal range of commissions for salespeople

[23:58] The role of SDRs in a product-led organization

[26:27] What product-led funnel and product-led growth are for Arthur Ventures

[30:41] Her pieces of advice to product listeners

About Anna Talerico

Anna Talerico takes pride in helping to build and scale software companies and tackling the challenges faced by startups and high-growth SaaS companies. She focuses on the go-to-market, people, culture, and creating significant enterprise value.

She is an expert on handling customers, increasing product adoption, building efficient sales teams, shaping desirable company culture, and most of all, running high-growth, capital-efficient product-led organizations.


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