How to Use Customer Intent to Build Product Onboarding That Scales

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

Wes Bush

Founder of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth.

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March 13, 2022
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David Rostan is Head of Revenue (Sales & Marketing) at Stonly in New York. Stonly is a company that created a unique widget to build interactive guides to lead clients’ customers to activation, issue resolution, and success on their terms. He has previously worked with fascinating product-led companies such as Calendly as VP for sales and marketing and Dashly as Head of organic and product marketing. These companies are known for effectively scaling that improved their onboarding experiences. In this episode, David will talk about the topic at hand -- how to use customer intent to build product onboarding that scales.

Show Notes

[01:19] How David got fascinated in customer intent and product onboarding and scales

[03:45] The importance of tailoring onboarding for different user intent for him

[05:51] His view on the differences of customer intent at different stages

[07:59] What customer intent is for him

[10:59] On ‘asking’ as the first step to meaningfully understand customer intent 

[14:39] On testing and seeing what resonates as the second step

[17:27] On identifying the pattern, replicate successes, and observe as the last steps

[23:13] What he does best to scale the business right now

[26:23] His favorite companies using user intent

[29:12] What intent signals he looks for to ensure success for clients

[31:36] The results of the experiments he had on user intent to scale onboarding

[35:27] On how to further use customer intent to scale and deliver superb onboarding experiences 

[37:53] Ways on building the empathy muscle for him

[40:26] Where to find out more about David

About David Rostan

David Rostan is a marketing bigshot with a track record of starting up and expanding mobile products and applications on the web in Fortune 100 and start-up environments. He has outstanding experience in leading all aspects of marketing strategy, such as but not limited to customer acquisition, product innovation, customer research, branding, and data analytics, to accomplish business objectives. He has accomplished so much as an entrepreneur. He has launched 3 SaaS applications and grew them via online and offline sales and marketing channels. He specializes in the following fields: digital marketing and strategy, customer acquisition and channel prioritization, customer development and market research, technology innovation and product management, team building or hiring, strategic planning (OKRs), and leadership.


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