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You’re excited about product-led growth.
But the problem is... where do you start?

You have a great product. And you have the fire inside you to do this. But there’s a huge gap between thinking about doing it, and actually doing it.

Should you offer a free trial or freemium model? Which features should you give away for free? Which ones should you hide behind the paywall? How to approach pricing so users actually thirst to upgrade to paid? And that’s just the beginning...

And sure, you could spend weeks, months, or even years reading countless blog posts, scouring forums, and binge on free webinars, Netflix-style, until your eyes glaze over. But how do you know what you’re learning is 100% relevant for you and your unique product? And how do you actually implement everything that you’ve learned, without making a single mistake?

You don’t have to go it alone.

This is why we created: ProductLed Pro.

Think of it as your one-stop-source for everything product-led, with:

✅ All the certification courses
✅ All the complementary trainings and masterminds
✅ And all support materials and templates

- along with -

✅ Live support from your instructors and fellow Pro members in an exclusive, private Slack group
✅ Real-time feedback on your work and progress from the ProductLed team
✅ Action-packed weekly live sessions with leading industry experts

This isn’t an overwhelming “knowledge dump” like some memberships. 

Inside ProductLed Pro you will learn everything you need to know about building successful product-led business PLUS you get the ongoing support, one-on-one advice, and strategic friendships with like-minded peers to actually help you implement what you’ve learned, piece by piece

What’s inside ProductLed Pro?

Your monthly ProductLed Pro membership comes with the perfect balance of learning and skill building + direct guidance and support to help you build and grow a solid product-led business:

Master Product-Led Growth With Certification Courses

Get both official ProductLed Growth courses (Build and Grow) and become industry-certified to build and grow a product-led business from scratch, whether as a founder or as a key team member of your organization.

Unlimited 1:1 Support To Gain Clarity on Your Work

Get concrete feedback on your most burning questions and toughest challenges from Wes Bush and the ProductLed team inside the exclusive Pro support group.

Additional Mini Courses And Materials To Help You Apply Your Learnings

From step-by-step mini courses to video classes and more, the additional training and materials will help you create a solid roadmap to go from sales-led to product-led, as well as scale an existing product-led business to new heights, and even solve potential roadblocks to growth in advance. (New courses and materials are added every quarter.)

Weekly Expert Deep Dive Sessions & Workshops

Go behind the scenes with leaders from some of the world’s most successful product-led businesses (think: HubSpot, Notion, Drift and more) and see exactly how they turned their product into a powerful growth engine.

Drive business growth no matter what the economy looks like.

The way we buy and sell sunglasses, clothes, jewelry, and even food has changed. And so has the way we buy and sell software.

No longer is your product’s true value gated behind a sales team and a thick contract. Now, the users, the ones closest to your product, have the power to influence buying decisions in the chain of command.

Product-led lets you prove your value to these users. It puts them in the driver’s seat and gives them a chance to taste precious aha moments and fall in love with your product before paying.

And it’s this exact approach that lets you grow a business where hundreds (even thousands) of customers can sign up, onboard, achieve value, and upgrade from a free plan to a paid one without ever contacting anyone on your team.

Imagine what that could do for your business.

And this is not only possible, but probable when you implement a successful product-led growth strategy.

And we know this because we’ve helped software companies, large and small, leverage their product to skyrocket their growth and revenue in ways they never imagined possible.

What ProductLed Pro members are saying.

Chris Jackson

Chief Product Officer at
My team and I gained confidence and clarity on our company's product-led strategy.
Chris Jackson Testimonial

Heather Hannson

Director of Product, Docket
The ProductLed courses gave my team a fresh perspective to grow our business.
Heather Hannson Testimonial

Kristi Gibson

Product Marketing Manager, 7shifts
We've dramatically improved our activation rate with the ProductLed courses.
Heather Hannson Testimonial

Etienne Luneau

Head of Business Operations, Algolia
I got the tools and skills to drive product-led growth within my organization.
Etienne Testimonial

Vladimir Kovalskiy

CEO and Co-Founder, Medesk
With the ProductLed course, we’ve achieved an increase of 1% of additional MoM growth.
Vladimir Testimonial

Joe Razza

VP of Product, KnowledgeHound
ProductLed has armed me with the PLG frameworks and tactics to be successful.
Joe Testimonial

What you get inside ProductLed Pro?

Certification: ProductLed Build Program

Go from sales-led to product-led using our step-by-step roadmap. This course is perfect for those just getting started with product-led growth.


Certification: ProductLed Grow Program

Turn free users into happy, paying customers. Learn what it really takes to scale your existing product-led business.

Mini Course: Understanding Your End Users

This is the course that will teach you how to better understand your users so you can market, sell, and showcase your product’s value faster.

Mini Course: How To Monetize The Right Way

This course answers the challenging question of “what should I give away for free vs put behind a paywall.”


Mini Course: How To Identify Your Product Qualified Leads

This course will teach you how to measure user success across your entire organization.


Mini Course: How To Build A Product-Led Team

This course goes through how every team functions differently in a product-led business and, more importantly, how to build a product-led culture.


Mini Course: Identify Your Product-Led Strategy Course

This course gives you a framework to decide whether a free trial, freemium, or hybrid model will work best for your business.

Weekly Live Workshops

Dive deep on key areas of building a product-led business. Whether that be building your growth team, customer messaging, or onboarding, we’ve got you covered.

BONUS: Product-Led Templates And Swipe Files

Get the same templates we've used to help launch multi-million dollar freemium models, turn thousands of users into happy, paying customers, and do user research.


*There are new courses added every quarter. And you get access to all of them at no extra cost for as long as you’re a ProductLed Pro member.*

See what live sessions are coming up for ProductLed Pro members.

Upcoming events:

  1. March 12, 2021 - Fix-Up Friday & Live Q&A
  2. March 25, 2021 - Fireside Chat with Sean Ellis
  3. March 26, 2021  - Fix-Up Friday & Live Q&A
  4. TBD - Customer Messaging Workshop
  5. April 9, 2021 - Fix-Up Friday & Live Q&A
  6. TBD - Onboarding Workshop
  7. April 23, 2021 - Fix-Up Friday & Live Q&A
  8. May 7, 2021 - Fix-Up Friday & Live Q&A

Past guests include:

  1. Todd Olson (Pendo)
  2. Patrick Campbell (ProfitWell)
  3. Raveena Lally (Headspace)
  4. Nir Eyal (Author or Hooked)
  5. Megan Murphy (HotJar)
  6. Jacqueline Cook (Vendasta)
  7. Kieran Flanagan (HubSpot)
  8. Sam Richard (Openview)
  9. Kevan Lee (Buffer)
  10. Matt Bilotti (Drift)

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Meet the instructors and experts inside ProductLed Pro.

Robbie Allan
Group Product Manager at Intercom
Mario Araujo
Mario Araujo
Product Growth at OutSystems
Blake Bartlett
Partner at OpenView
Andrew Capland
Head of Growth at Postscript
Al Chen
Solutions Architect at Coda
Yuval Karmi
CEO at Simpo
Kevan Lee
VP of Marketing at Buffer
Brennan McEachran
Brennan McEachran
CEO and Co-founder at Soapbox
Megan Murphy
VP of Product at Hotjar
Todd Olson
CEO and Co-founder at Pendo
Ashton Rankin
Product Manager at Vidyard
Andrea Saez
Product Growth at ProdPad

Product-led growth: it’s not just a buzzword.

Product-led growth is disrupting the software industry as a whole. And the results don't lie. Just like Netflix, DropBox, HubSpot, Drift, and more have flourished by adopting product-led growth, so too can you build and grow a successful product-led software business.

Wouldn’t it be nice if:
  1. You could have thousands of free users upgrade without ever talking to a sales rep?
  2. Boost your signups by 20-30% by gaining access to a wider top-of-funnel?
  3. Reduce your customer acquisition costs by as much as 1,000%?
  4. Scale your business to 50M ARR with only 50 employees?
  5. Shorten your sales cycle from months to weeks?
This is the competitive advantage that product-led growth can give you. And this is exactly what we’ll teach you to achieve in ProductLed Pro.


No, but ProductLed Pro does come with a 100% zero-risk guarantee.

Here’s why: we understand this can be a considerable investment, but we are confident you will get enormous value out of this membership program. But ProductLed Pro isn’t for the faint-hearted: this is for people who are serious about becoming experts in building and growing product-led businesses. Both in theory AND in practice. So if you sign up, we're going to assume you’re ready to put in the work to get the maximum out of your membership. . And in return, if you feel that we haven’t given you 100% of our effort in return, you will get 100% of your purchase price refunded to you. It’s that simple. This is a ZERO-risk opportunity. If you don’t learn something valuable from this membership program we don’t deserve your money.

Let’s face it, most online courses overpromise and underdeliver. If you expect to solve all your problems around product-led growth by simply watching all the courses we’ve put together, you’re going to be disappointed. You are going to have to put in the hard work to implement what you’ve learned. But because we want you to be successful, we’ve made the implementation parts of the course as smooth as possible by giving you access to templates, worksheets, and even swipe files, AND ongoing support from leading product-led experts, mentors, and peers to help your speed things along. And if you put in the time and effort to learn and implement, like ProductLed members before you can confirm, we’re confident you’ll get an incredible return on your investment.

Product-Led Pro is great for software founders looking to make the switch from sales-led to product-led as well as those working in marketing, product, growth, UX/UI design, customer experience, and CRO who want to gain the theory and hands-on skills they need to confidently build and grow product-led businesses.

ProductLed Pro is not for those who

❌ Don’t have a user-focused mindset - If you aren’t genuinely curious in helping new users become truly successful with your product, this program won’t be a good fit for you.

❌ You are searching for quick hacks - The strategies and tactics covered in this program require hard work to implement and long-term thinking. ❌ You don't have product-market fit - This program is designed for those already working on products that have product-market fit, not for those who are just starting out.

However, you should join ProductLed Pro if:

✅ You’re ready to take action - You’re not looking to just “consume content,” you’re genuinely excited to take what you’ve learned and apply it, in real-life, ASAP.

✅ You have relevant experience - If you’re a product, marketing, or growth practitioner with some work experience, you’ll feel comfortable with the concepts, frameworks, and skills taught in this program, and will master them easily.

✅ You can commit to the training - If you can invest 2+ hours each week to complete the coursework, supplementary materials, and participate in live weekly calls and feedback sessions, then you’ll 100% reap the rewards.

Unlike the free Slack community, ProductLed Pro members get a ton of exclusive content and direct access to product-led experts, instructors, and mentors in the private group. This includes exclusive invites to live workshops, 1:1 support, weekly deep dive sessions, and all Pro courses. Whereas free community members only get access to the free-for-all Slack community, the free Product-Led Growth certification course, and playlists.

The Product-Led Growth book covers many elements of what goes into building a product-led business, the ProductLed Pro membership helps you turn theory into practice. If you’re not sure if ProductLed Pro is right for you, then we recommend starting with the book.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 1-3 years or 5+ years of experience in software, marketing, growth, product, customer success or user design. This highly practical, zero-fluff membership program will give you the knowledge and skills to become a product-led growth expert and confidently implement product-led growth strategies in your company or for private clients. You’ll learn the exact same principles, methodology, and practical techniques that have powered Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, and Canva's incredible rise to success.

Because ProductLed Pro comes with both theory and practical training, ongoing weekly sessions and live feedback sessions, many companies choose to reimburse their employees for ProductLed Pro. Every company has a different policy regarding education and professional development, so check with your manager or HR department first. Here are some helpful community resources on getting reimbursement approved at your company.

If your company would like to purchase 2 or more ProductLed Pro memberships send us an email to (with “Team pricing” in the subject line”) for more information. or simply book a meeting with our team.

Similar to other memberships like Amazon Prime, your access to ProductLed Pro content, experiences, live sessions, and community is only available with an active membership.

The best way to contact us is by email. Send us your question (with “ProductLed Pro” in the subject line) and we will reply to you ASAP.