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We’re Challenging An Entire Industry To Think Differently.

ProductLed is a global community of leading SaaS operators. We produce some of the world’s top training on how to build a product-led business. We do this by working with the best SaaS operators and spreading their ideas through our leading-edge events – which are entirely free to attend live.
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Why We Do What We Do?

We believe the way we buy software has changed forever over the last several years. Gone are the days of hiding our product behind closed doors - where potential customers need to sit through a long, drawn-out sales call just to see what the product is capable of - it's time to lead with our product and let people see for themselves if we can deliver on our promise.

Today, a strong brand and social proof are no longer enough to build trust with the modern buyer. You need to let people try before they buy. Product-Led Growth is how you make this whole approach to doing business a reality

As the software industry evolves, we believe there will be two types of companies:

1. Sales-led companies represent the old way. It’s complex, unnecessary, expensive, and all about telling consumers how the product will benefit them. These companies want to take you from Point A to Point B in their sales cycle.

2. Product-led companies flip the traditional sales model on its head. Instead of forcing buyers through a painful sales cycle, they give the buyer the “keys” to their product. The company, in turn, focuses on helping the buyer become so successful using the product that upgrading to a paid plan becomes a no-brainer.

We believe product-led companies will soon become the norm, making it table stakes for SaaS companies that want to win in their markets.

History tells us that “how” you sell is just as important as “what” you sell. Just like Blockbuster couldn’t compete with Netflix by selling the same digital content, you need to decide “when” not “if” you’ll need to innovate on the way you sell.

To sell to the modern buyer, you need to decide: Are you going to be product-led? Or will you be disrupted, too?


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