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Build a product that sells itself and discover the right model for your business with the Product-Led Growth Certificate™ Program. Generate faster growth, higher margins, and stronger customer acquisition funnels.
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We understand that this is an important decision for your business, so we’ve created a video walking you through the program and what to expect.

You Know “Product-Led Growth” Isn’t Just a Buzzword.

Because going “product-led” has been the skeleton key to unlocking explosive growth for the world’s most admired software companies — from Canva to Dropbox, Hubspot, Atlassian, and beyond
But being excited about product-led growth is one thing. Actually implementing it in your own organization? That’s a whole new ball game. Before you can even get started, you have to figure out:
Should you offer a free trial or freemium plan?
Which features do you give away for free?
Which features do you hide behind a paywall?
How do you price things so users are happy to upgrade?
How do you improve onboarding so more users experience your product’s true value?
And this is just the beginning of the rabbit hole...
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Introducing The Product-Led Growth Certificate™️ Program.

This isn’t your typical program. The Product-Led Growth Certificate™️ Program was built from the ground up to help you build a product that sells itself. By the end of this program, you'll be able to:
Confidently lead the change from sales-led to product-led via a proven, step-by-step process.
Encourage everyone across your entire business to get on board and adopt a product-led, user-focused mindset.
Confirm which product-led model will drive the best results for your organization.
Create a successful MVP version of your product-led model (i.e. free trial or freemium model).
Help your organization avoid some of the most painful bottlenecks during this transition.
Tap into a network of like-minded peers who are going through the same organizational challenges as you are.
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Wyatt Tucker
"A 5-10% increase in our activation rate resulted in a huge amount of ARR growth."
Wyatt Tucker
Growth Operations
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How the Program Works.

Each week you cycle through on-demand learning modules. It’s like a game... except when you win, your business makes more $$$

Deep Dive Training.

Not Fluffly Content

Dedicate one to two hours each week to work through in-depth material that covers actionable frameworks, real-world case studies, and proven systems that lead to success. The best part? You do it all on your own schedule.

Product-Led Strategy

Define the company culture that will enable a product-led transformation.
Get alignment on the customer journey and the metrics that matter.
Understand the importance of user research and how to tackle it.

Product-Led Model

Identify if a freemium, free trial, or hybrid model will perform best for your business
Learn what symptoms indicate that you’ve chosen the wrong product-led model
Decide which model fits your strategy best

Product-Led Onboarding

Identify the common bottlenecks in the customer journey.
Help new users experience the value of your product in the shortest amount of time.
Boost your user activation rate, and eliminate "busy work" in your current onboarding process.

Product-Led Monetization

Recognize the importance of value metrics to your product-led monetization strategy.
Evaluate the pricing models of top product-led companies.
Identify the best pricing metrics to anchor your revenue model to using the Pricing Metrics Decision Framework.

Real World Weekly Projects.

Not Boring-Ass Homework

At the end of each module, you’ll have a chance to apply what you’ve learned to your business. By completing focused worksheets and case studies, you’ll become closer to transitioning your company to product-led with meaningful progress every week.

Connect with High-Caliber Peers.

Not Product-Led Wannabes

Transforming your business into a product-led powerhouse is more fun when you’re doing it alongside your peers. Throughout the week, you’ll have optional opportunities to hang out in breakout rooms, organize private meetups, or just chat inside your cohort’s private Slack group. Your cohort will include other smart, focused founders and growth leaders, like…
Shariel Nariman
Program Manager
sproutsocial logo
Robbie Allan
Product Manager
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Melanie Crissey
Product Marketing
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Patrick Campbell
Founder & CEO
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Wes Bush

Founder & CEO

Wes Bush is the founder and CEO of ProductLed. He is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth: How To Build a Product That Sells Itself and is one of the most sought-after product experts in the world. Wes is passionate about working with teams around the globe to turn their product into a powerful growth engine. Wes lives in Toronto, Canada.

Ramli John

Director Of Training

Ramli John is the Managing Director at ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Onboarding: How to Turn Users Into Lifelong Customers. An educator at heart, he has helped train hundreds of the world's fastest-growing product-led companies to level up their user onboarding experience to turn more users into lifelong customers.

Learn From Top PLG Experts.

Not Just anybody

Discover a new kind of confidence with product-led experts who transform the way you think and help you learn how to build a successful product-led business. Your hosts? ProductLed Founder Wes Bush and Director of Training Ramli John.

Built to Power Entire Teams

Not Just For Individuals

Join as a group of five or more to take advantage of bonus access to one-on-one coaching sessions with PLG experts, a customized 30-60-90 day roadmap to ramp up your growth, and exclusive strategies that are unique to your business.
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Unlock Your Product's Full Potential.

Our alumni consistently unlock these benefits of Product-Led Growth. You can too.
Scale Faster Than The Competition
Wider Top of Funnel
Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
Faster Sales Cycles
Predictable Growth
Better User Experience

What Our Alumni Are Saying

Become Product-Led Growth Certified

Create your own schedule with flexible on-demand classes.

Drive Business Growth No Matter What the Economy

The way we buy and sell sunglasses, clothes, jewelry, and even food has changed. So has the way we buy and sell software.

No longer is your product’s true value gated behind a sales team and a thick contract. Now, the users have the power to influence buying decisions up the chain of command.

Product-led lets you prove your value to these users. It puts them in the driver’s seat and gives them a chance to have precious “Aha!” moments and fall in love with your product before paying.

It’s this exact approach that lets you grow a business where hundreds (even thousands) of customers can sign up, onboard, achieve value, and upgrade from a free plan to a paid one without ever contacting anyone on your team.

Imagine what that could do for your business.

And this is not only possible but probable when you implement a successful product-led growth strategy.

We know this because we’ve helped hundreds of software companies, large and small, leverage their product to skyrocket growth and revenue in ways they never imagined possible.

Power Up Your Whole Team with Product-Led Growth

Foster a product-led culture, mindset, and momentum within your company when you transform your business together as a team.
Book a time to chat with our admissions team to learn more

Product-Led Growth: It’s the Future.

Product-led growth is disrupting the software industry as a whole. And the results don't lie. Just like Canva, Dropbox, HubSpot, Drift, and more have flourished by adopting product-led growth, you can build and grow a successful product-led software business. Wouldn’t it be nice if:
You could have thousands of free users upgrade without ever talking to a sales rep?
Boost your signups by 20-30% by gaining access to a wider top-of-funnel?
Reduce your customer acquisition costs by as much as 1,000%?
Scale your business to 50M ARR with only 50 employees?
This is a competitive advantage that product-led growth can give you. And this is exactly what we’ll teach you in the Product-Led Growth Certificate™️ Program.
Join To Unlock All The Benefits
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Four on-demand modules, packed with 35+ lessons on all the PLG essentials.
Clear-cut examples, so you get to see exactly how everything is done before doing it yourself.
Worksheets & templates to flesh out successful campaigns and easily manage your account.
Confidence to create and execute a powerful product-led strategy.
Certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Master Product-Led Growth

Unlock the complete Product-Led Growth Certificate™ Program to learn how to build a product that sells itself! Take the next step and invest in yourself and your business.

Cost Per Team Member: $999

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Real World Results.

Wyatt Tucker
Growth Operations
A 5-10% increase in our activation rate resulted in a huge amount of ARR growth.
Chris Jackson
Chief Product Officer
Thomas International
My team gained confidence and clarity on our company's product-led strategy.
Etienne Luneau
Head Business Operations
I got the tools and skills to drive product led growth within my organization.
Vladimir Kovalskiy
CEO and Co-Founder
With the ProductLed course, we’ve achieved an increase of 1% of additional MoM growth.
Kristi Gibson
Product Manager
We've dramatically improved our activation rate with the ProductLed courses.
Heather Hansson
Head of Product
The ProductLed courses gave my team a fresh perspective to grow our business.


In a word: nope. Whether you’re just getting started in SaaS or you have 3+ years of experience in software, marketing, growth, product, customer success, or user design under your belt, this training program will give you the knowledge and skills to become a product-led growth expert.

You’ll learn not just what to think about product-led growth, but how to think about it — and you’ll learn how to confidently implement these strategies in your company or for private clients. The program teaches you the exact same principles, methodology, and practical techniques that helped power meteoric growth at companies including Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, and Canva.
The Product-Led Growth Certification Program is built for software founders looking to make the switch from sales-led to product-led. It’s also designed for those working in marketing, product, growth, UX/UI design, customer experience, and CRO roles.

If you want to understand the theory and practice the hands-on skills you’ll need to confidently build and grow a product-led software business, this is the program for you. Along with exploring and understanding the actual nuts and bolts of PLG, you’ll learn how to get buy-in from others in your organization, and ease the shift into a product-led business.
Great question. The Product-Led Growth Certificate program is built for B2B SaaS founders, product owners, and growth leads who understand the importance of selling without relying on a sales team.

If you’re open to exploring new models and want to become an advocate for product-led growth at your organization, this program is right for you. If you’re unwilling to consider launching a free or freemium version of your product (one of the linchpins of PLG), then maybe stick around and read our blog for a bit before applying. :)
Depending on how quickly you absorb new information, the course can usually take anywhere between 8 to 16 hours to complete. Most tackle the course over a period of 4 weeks by focusing 2 – 4 hours per week on the training, real-world projects, and discussing product-led growth in the private Slack channel. However, the course is completely self paced, so some dedicate two full days to completing their certification.
Here’s a non-exhaustive list of challenges that past and current PLG students have arrived with (and overcome):
  • Getting data-based support for changing your SaaS growth approach (including how to pitch PLG to your sales team without causing a panic)
  • Integrating product-led growth and sales-led growth to create a hybrid model
  • Turning more free trial users into paid customers via better onboarding, in-product experiences, and follow-up
  • Struggling to identify and prioritize opportunities for growth
  • And a whole lot more
The Product-Led Growth book covers the theory of building a product-led business, while the certification program puts what you learn into action. Unlock your full potential with a free trial of the Product-Led Growth Fundamentals Certificate.
$999 per person. It’s an investment in the future of your business — not just your revenue, but the way your team operates, and your ultimate growth goals.
Looking to train the entire team on product-led growth? Book a call with our admissions experts who can discuss your group training options.
The best way to contact us is by email. Send your question (with “PLG Certification Program” in the subject line) to and we will reply to you ASAP.
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Mate Prgin
“It's not just reading about product-led growth, it's actually doing it – and that was the real value of the course. Our conversion rate from free to premium literally doubled in the month after launch.”
Mate Prgin
Founder & CEO