PLG False Starts with Tatiana Morozova (ClickUp)

Mario Araujo

VP of Growth at Graphext, Advisor

Mario Araujo

VP of Growth at Graphext, Advisor

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September 13, 2023
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Tatiana Morozova, the Head of Growth Strategy & Operations at ClickUp, joins host Mario Araujo to shed light on the untold stories behind product-led growth (PLG) implementation and the enduring value of persistence in achieving success. 

In conversation, they emphasize making iteration and failure an integral part of the product-led implementation journey. Tatiana draws from her experiences at MongoDB and ServiceNow, highlighting key learnings about experimentation at scale, the significance of testing before rebranding, and layering PLG on an enterprise service.   

Key Takeaways: 

[2:15] Tatiana's background and accidental entry into growth
[4:05] MongoDB and launching an experimentation program
[5:15] Challenges of autonomy and silos in experimentation
[8:15] Using qualitative feedback tools for validation
[9:05] Importance of defining secondary metrics for experiments
[9:25] Activation and adjacent user experiences
[12:10] Friction and confusion in the rearranged product placement
[12:55] Recommendation of having secondary metrics for validation
[13:25] Exploring adjacent user experiences and educational paths
[15:25] Doubling of conversion window to paid customers for the same cohort
[16:10] Balancing learning and pivoting
[16:25] Decision-making in teams
[16:50] Factors influencing pivoting decisions
[17:15] Cultural impact on decision-making
[19:05] Lessons from the failed brand awareness campaign
[22:15] Building PLG in an enterprise context
[23:55] The role of sales in PLG
[25:10] Creating a feedback loop with sales
[25:35] Recommendations for companies exploring PLG
[31:00] Final remarks 

About Tatiana Morozova: 

Tatiana Morozova is an accomplished leader in Growth Marketing and Strategy, presently holding the position of Head of Growth Strategy & Operations at ClickUp. With a wealth of experience, including roles at ServiceNow and MongoDB, she has excelled in the realm of product-led growth (PLG). Tatiana's career journey reflects her expertise in scaling businesses and driving marketing strategies that make an impact.


Tatiana Morozova | LinkedIn

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