Optimizing Go-To-Market Strategies for Developers

Maja Voje

Globally recognized growth advisor and practitioner

Maja Voje

Globally recognized growth advisor and practitioner

Last Updated
September 21, 2023
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Today's episode hones the best practices for go-to-market strategies tailored to technology companies targeting developers and tech experts. Our guest, Ben Williams, a former executive turned PLG strategic advisor, is here to share valuable insights. In 2023, he helped steer a cybersecurity company to an astonishing $7.4 billion valuation.

Host Maja Voje guides a knowledge-packed discussion, exploring the critical pitfalls and blind spots in PLG strategies with Ben and draws from his experiences at Snyk to examine the choice between niche focus versus multiple Ideal Customer Profiles. They also explore customer discovery methods, how to prioritize experiments, and validate MVP and MVB (Minimum Viable Business Model).

Key Takeaways: 

[00:10] Introduction of Ben Williams
[05:05] Strategies for effective developer marketing
[05:55] Building community and providing value to developers
[08:05] Tactics for helping developers learn and grow
[11:40] Effective approaches to developer marketing
[12:10] Addressing privacy concerns and building trust
[13:45] Transparency and data tracking for developers
[15:30] Finding the right-sized market slice
[17:20] Transitioning from self-serve to enterprise sales
[18:50] Using product engagement states to identify potential customers
[19:50] Leveraging engagement states for tailored outreach
[22:30] Shifting from PQL to PQA for customer actions
[25:00] Prioritizing experiments using ICE scoring
[26:25] Focus on experiment execution and learning
[27:50] Questioning experiment frequency for new teams
[28:40] Faster experimentation with a shift to strategy
[29:20] Documenting learnings and breaking silos
[31:15] Discussing failures in reviews
[32:45] 20% baseline for experiment success
[33:55] Embracing failure and experimentation speed
[38:55] Customer discovery mechanisms
[39:30] Highlighting underutilized pricing experiments
[41:35] Pricing impact and fear
[42:37] Airtable and Notion for growth processes
[46:00] Balancing work and personal life

About Ben Williams: 

Ben Williams, a PLG advisor and former VP of Product at Synk, played a pivotal role in propelling a cybersecurity company focused on cloud computing to an impressive valuation of 7.4 billion in 2023. Now, Ben is dedicated to his mission of empowering product-led companies to make informed decisions and achieve better results.


Ben Williams | LinkedIn 


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