How ClickUp Aligns Their Team Around Product-Led Growth

Tatiana Morozova

Head of Growth Strategy & Operations / COS at ClickUp.

Tatiana Morozova

Head of Growth Strategy & Operations / COS at ClickUp.

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January 26, 2023
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With the ever-changing landscape of product-led growth, managing large teams and staying on top of everything can seem overwhelming. But luckily, industry experts such as Tatiana Morozova from ClickUp have stayed on track.

As ClickUp’s Head of Growth and Strategy, Tatiana shares their tried-and-tested strategies for leading large teams and streamlining communication across the board. Join us as she gives us a glimpse into the unique team structures and consumer-centered metrics behind ClickUp’s booming success as a PLG company. 

If improving your team’s internal processes is something you’re curious about, then we have got you covered in this week’s episode with ProductLed’s Director of Content Laura Kluz and Tatiana.

[2:47] Understanding Customer Onboarding Within ClickUp

[4:23] The Key to Streamlining Communication in Large Teams

[5:40] ClickUp’s Secret to Driving Goals Forward

[6:56] What Gets Measured Gets Managed: The Importance of Updating Metrics 

[10:38] How Often Should Teams Re-Evaluate Their Metrics?

[12:53] Achieving Optimal Efficiency Within Your Teams

[15:31] Pivoting Into a Product-Led Growth Company

[16:51] Diving Into the Dynamics of Onboarding and Sales Teams

About Tatiana Morozova

With years of experience in the tech space, Tatiana has become an accomplished industry expert in the fields of Product-Led Growth and Growth Marketing.

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