Effective Decision-Making Strategy in PLG with Amplitude's Marketing Leaders

Maja Voje

Globally recognized growth advisor and practitioner

Maja Voje

Globally recognized growth advisor and practitioner

Last Updated
May 30, 2024
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In today's product-led convo, host Maja Voje talks with two exceptional experts from Amplitude: Tiffan Dano Kwan, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Ashley Brucker Stepien, the VP of Global Marketing. Together, they dive into why implementing an analytical system is essential for effective decision-making in leading a PLG strategy.

The discussion explores valuable lessons from their experiences with some of the fastest-growing product-led companies, emphasizing the importance of establishing a legal system, measuring and monitoring pipeline growth and revenue in marketing, and aligning business objectives with a North Star metric.

Key Takeaways:

[05:25]: Setting up analytics

[09:30]: Monitor key metrics and ROI

[17:40]: Flexibility in planning 

[25:30] Identifying key moments for users

[27:30] North Star Metric for marketers

[32:30] Input-output metrics and correlation to value

[38:04] Setting up analytics system


Tiffan Dano Kwan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Amplitude, known for her expertise in shaping the future of work through digital experiences. With a notable background as CMO at companies like Collibra and Dropbox, Tiffan leads Amplitude's global marketing strategy, focusing on creating exceptional customer-centric experiences.

Ashley Bruker, VP of Global Marketing at Amplitude, is a growth expert with a track record leading teams across revenue field channels and product marketing. With experience at high-growth startups like Webflow, Ashley is a pivotal contributor to Amplitude's global marketing strategy, focusing on aligning marketing as a profit center and providing insights on legal systems for product-led growth strategies.


Tifenn Dano Kwan | LinkedIn

Ashley Bruker | LinkedIn 

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