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Monthly Founder’s Board

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High-Impact Community

Get experience-backed answers to your toughest product-led questions.

You’re Building a Product-Led Business On Hard Mode When…

PLG Advice

You Don’t Know What “PLG Advice” Is Relevant To You.

Today, most founders feel like they’re drinking PLG content from a firehouse. It’s frustrating to sift through irrelevant information on PLG just to make sense of how to deal with a specific challenge. It’s overwhelming. You shouldn’t have to become the “expert” at solving each problem you encounter.
not getting the specific feedback you need

You Aren’t Getting the Specific Feedback You Need.

Although learning about “reverse trials” and fancy PLG tactics is fun on LinkedIn, you aren’t able to get specific feedback for your business. You need to read between the lines and decipher what makes the most sense for you to apply for your business.
Arorw Down
Most founders get stuck implementing PLG at some point

How much further would you be...

if you had one place to get experience-backed advice on specific PLG challenges like:
  • How do you convert free users into paying customers?
  • What features should you give away for free?
  • Which product-led model makes sense for your business?
  • How do you set up your customer journey metrics?
  • How did you set up your product-led tool stack?
Introducing productled founders

The Community You Need to Scale Your Product-Led Business

No more going at it alone.
No more guessing what to do next.
No more misleading advice
It’s time to scale faster.
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How Does It Work?

Apply to Join Productled Founders
Step 1

Apply To Join ProductLed Founders

We understand that your time is valuable, and that's why we've taken extra care to curate a community of like-minded founders who are facing similar challenges to yours. Take 7 minutes to fill out our application. This gives us a better understanding of your business, your needs, and your goals. Our team carefully vets each application to ensure that every member of the community is credible and brings value.
Join Founders Board
Step 2

Join a Founders Board with 3-5 Ambitious Peers

If you’re accepted, you’ll be paired with 3-5 other founders who are at a similar stage in their product-led journey. This small group will not be comprised of your competitors and they’ll be facing similar challenges. They’ll be your sounding board, and you’ll meet with them bi-weekly or monthly for 1-2 hours. This is your opportunity to share your biggest challenges and receive relevant feedback on how to address them. Wes Bush will be facilitating the first call to ensure you’re receiving the most value.
Circle Forum
Step 3

Participate In A High-Impact Community.

Get second opinions from field experts and learn from the smartest product-led founders. In our community, you will be able to drill down into specific topics like pricing, onboarding, and product marketing. This will become your PLG second brain, and includes every member of the community.
No Pitch Zone

No Pitch Zone!

This is not a place to find customers or sell. This is not like other networking events. 

This is where founders confide, grow, and develop lasting relationships.

Why Join Another Community?

Let me be blunt.

You can implement PLG on your own.

You can read all the resources we have on productled.com. You can hire a bunch of PLG advisors. You can read a bunch of PLG books. You can subscribe to a bunch of PLG newsletters.

There's nothing wrong with that approach.

Other than...

It's slow.

And if there's one thing I know about founders is that they're impatient.

I would know because I am a founder.

When I confront a challenge where I don't know how to approach it, my tendency is to obsess over that problem and devour everything I can get my hands on regarding that topic.

But here's the thing. That's actually holding me back.

I don't need to be the expert in every topic or challenge around PLG.

Here's why...

Other founders have already solved these same challenges countless times.

By leveraging their experiences, you shouldn’t need to invest a ton of time reinventing the wheel.

You should be able to quickly piece together how to solve your challenges faster by learning from other founders who’ve “been there, done that.”

By having a founder's community to call up, you’ll be able to short-circuit countless hours of time researching how to best solve a problem and avoid a bunch of mistakes.

All because you have a group of founders who are there to support you on your PLG journey.

That’s why we’re creating the ProductLed Founder Community.
Think you’re a good fit?

Membership Requirements

☑️ You’re a Founder/CEO of Product-Led B2B SaaS Company.
☑️ You’re Willing To Contribute and Share.
☑️ You’re Not a PLG Vendor, Coach, or Consultant.

What You Get

Join a Founder’s Board with 3-5 Ambitious Peers
Vibrant forum access for fast answers to your questions
Instant Network of Peers at the same stage of growth as you
Billed Annually
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Common Q's

Yes, they can signup for another membership to join the community. However, we’ll place you in a different Founder’s Board.
One of the most important components of a successful community is commitment. Charging a membership fee shows commitment. When members are more committed, members show up to community events, are more active in the forum, and engage more. We also invest a portion of your fee in moderating the community so that the discussion quality is high.
We want members who are committed to contributing to the community for the long term. We believe the best relationships are formed over the long term, and a pricing structure that reflects that is important.
Lots of reasons!
  • You can start solving your product-led challenges faster starting this month, which will mean you’ll be able to hit your goals faster.
  • If you’re one of the first 100 members, you’re going to lock in your price for life.
  • This is your chance to join and be one of the founding members who shape its direction. As a product-led founder, you know how fast things move and how quickly decisions need to be made.
This is a vetted community. Our application helps us decide if you’re going to be a great fit for it. If we need more details from you, we may even require a quick call to vet your eligibility. This application process helps ensure you’re rubbing shoulders with experienced founders, not wannabes.
No pitching. Give more than you take. Be a good human. Don’t pretend to be crushing it when you’re not.
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