Shortcut your path to Product-Led Growth.

Get your free customized SaaS growth plan and get on the path to a successful product-led business.
Book your free 30-minute strategy call with Saas Growth Experts.
  • Joseph Karim (Head of Growth Consulting at Market 8) and
  • Eduardo Esparza (CEO and Founder. Market 8) who have 10 + years experience in owning and growing SaaS companies.
We've driven growth for 50+ SaaS Brands and added $100M + ARR for:

To get a plan to build a successful Product-Led business, you’ve really only got two options:

Plug at it for years, learn everything yourself and go thru a bunch of missteps
Partner with a team of experts who’ve been there, done that. Avoid the missteps and accelerate your growth!

ProductLed has partnered up with Market 8 to help you build a roadmap to succeed at Product-Led Growth.

Hear from Wes Bush (CEO, Product-Led) and Eduardo Esparza (CEO, Market 8) about how we can help you build the foundations of product-led growth and get the right plan in place for you.
Wes Bush

Wes Bush.


Market 8 and ProductLed share the same vision - to make SaaS companies successful at delivering value fast for customers through product-led growth. I selected Market 8 as a partner as they’re at the top of their game and I’ve seen their results first hand.

Market 8 and ProductLed are excited to expand this market and make Product-Led growth a reality for many Saas companies worldwide.

You’ll walk away with the exact next steps you need to take to hit your goals, backed up with:

A customized 24-page plan
that you can use straight away to build a successful product-led business- no cookie-cutter stuff
Deep insights into your market
and your top opportunities from our SaaS Growth Experts
Chart 2
Your Customized Growth Calculations
and exactly where you need to focus your efforts
Limited to 5 per month

Meet your SaaS growth experts.

Eduardo Esparza
Eduardo Esparza.
CEO & Founder
Industrial Engineering Masters, Fortune 100 Strategy Executive, SaaS Positioning Expert. Eduardo drives the overall SaaS go-to-market strategy process for Market 8 clients.
Joseph Karim
Joseph Karim.
Partnership Manager
Certified Product Marketing Manager and Growth Product Management Expert. Joseph understands the entire customer journey and drives revenue & growth through data-driven experimentation, customer insights, and product positioning frameworks.

Here’s how to get your customized growth plan.


30-minute strategy call
with Joseph Karim (Head of Growth Consulting) or Eduardo Esparza (our CEO and Founder) who have 10 + years experience in growing SaaS companies and will dive into the details with you.


Answer 20 baseline Questions
Take 15 minutes to give us the critical data we need to build your Customized Growth Plan. You may have to dig around a little for the data but this saves us all time and gets your plan in days not weeks.


Your Strategy Outline Presentation
We’ll detail out the exact steps you need to take to build or accelerate a successful product-led business - during a 60 min call, and we recommend you involve your founder, marketing, and product leaders.
Limited to 5 per month

Our Commitment to you:

Your plan is customized to
 you and it's yours to keep
No Pressure, no BS sales techniques
(we're not selling penny stocks here)

if you're a firm believer in...

  • A product-first strategy
  • Solving problems that matter for customers
  • Getting Product-Market fit before scaling
  • Making organic growth a priority
  • That growth comes from all stages of the funnel and must be driven by data
Then your customized plan will enable you to build out your successful product-led business in 12 months or less
Limited to 5 per month

Sharpen your focus. Build a product that the market wants.

  • Refocus on the right problem to solve for your customers
  • Identify exactly how you’ll solve the problem
  • Turn your product into an acquisition engine
  • Deliver value to your customers in a sustainable way
  • Build a scalable business model
  • AND then keep innovating so you don’t get outcompeted…