Defining Product Qualified Leads through Machine Learning

Phil Corson is the senior product manager at 7shifts, an intuitive employee scheduling and management software that’s designed for the restaurant industry. Many restaurant managers have been using the software to minimize the time spent on management logistics and to reduce labor cost. 7shifts also comes with free mobile apps (Android and iOS) to ensure managers and employees have everything at their fingertips. In this episode, Phil shared what their product-led journey has been like, how their shift to product-led happened, and his advice to product-led companies when it comes to PQL.

Show Notes

[02:50] What their product-led journey has been like so far

[04:15] How their to product-led happened

[07:08] Some of the benefits of the product-led team defining PQL

[09:06] Who gathered the data to figure out what tier 1 lead is

[09:47] How their team iterate on the definition of PQL

[17:38] The threshold when a lead becomes valuable for them

[19:18] Changes he’d like to see

[21:00] What he’ll tell himself a year ago if he can go back in time

[21:32] The journey behind the buy-in

[23:59] His advice to product-led companies when it comes to PQL

[25:54] Where people can find him online

About Phil Corson

Phil Corson is the senior product manager and the team lead of the product led growth team at 7shifts. Phil has over 5 years of experience in B2B SaaS and product management. He is passionate about solving problems and bringing value to customers. Phil also has a proven track record for creating million-dollar software products for various industries.


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