Why Attend The Product-Led Summit

The Product-Led Summit is the top destination online if you want to learn about Product-Led Growth. Unlike physical conferences, you can watch all the talks without leaving the comfort of your office. 

It’s an awesome event that you can consume at your own leisure. It’s almost like the Netflix for product-led content and it’s also free, so why the hell would you not attend? - James Gill, CEO of GoSquared

One of the best parts about the Product-Led Summit is the variety in talks that break down how to build a product-led business.

Whether you’re looking for advice on acquisition, activation, retention or strategy, it is all there at the Product-Led Summit.  - Margaret Kelsey, Director of Marketing at Openview

Why We Created The Product-Led Summit

We believe the way we buy software has changed forever over the last several years. We founded the Product-Led Summit to help SaaS leaders learn how to build a product-led business from some of the most renowned minds in the SaaS industry.

Since our first event, our program has experienced huge growth ever since. To make our events accessible to all, we host our events online and anyone can access the events for free during the summit date. To help us cover the investment associated with hosting these events, we do charge a small fee for those that want lifetime access to all of the content once the event is over.

To continue our mission of training one million SaaS leaders “how” to build a product-led business, we host two Product-Led Summits a year that cover every aspect of Product-Led Growth.

You can really walk away with tangible tactics you can implement the same day you watch the presentations - Kristin LaFrance, Head of Growth at Churn Buster

What Makes The Product-Led Growth Conference Unique

  1. Our speakers aren't your typical conference-going speaker who has given the same canned talk 50 times. Not at all. Our speakers are practitioners. You know. The people actually doing the work. We believe these people are the hidden heroes behind any organization and we want to put the spotlight on them and share their brilliant insights.
  2. You don't have to pay a dime to attend the talks live. And if you do need to buy an all-access pass it's still less than a flight to a physical conference.
  3. You can watch the talks whenever you want and can hone in on the specific area of your business that you’re struggling with. The best part is you'll get to learn from those that have already solved the challenges you're struggling to figure out.
  4. You get access to join the largest Product-Led Growth Community. This community is where you can rub shoulders with some of the smartest product-led leaders in the SaaS industry.

All in all, our speakers advance the practice of Product-Led Growth. We just help spread their brilliant ideas through our leading-edge events which you can attend for free online.

The Product-Led Summit recognizes the rise of the user and it’s exactly the right focus for anyone that is building the winning products of tomorrow - Blake Bartlett, Partner at Openview

Want to get involved?

Here are the links to register, apply to speak, or sponsor.

Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s a renowned Product-Led Growth pioneer and has challenged an entire industry to find a better way to approach SaaS growth.