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Todd Olson is the CEO and co-founder of Pendo, a platform that helps companies accelerate digital product adoption among customers and internal employees. Driven by a mission to improve the world’s experiences with software, Pendo combines in-product engagement with robust product data and user feedback, enabling product teams to make more informed decisions on how to support users throughout their journey. In this episode, Todd talked about the role of sales in a product-led organization, what to keep in mind when it comes to freemium, and the most important metrics for product-led organizations to track.

Show Notes

[00:35] The story behind the writing of his book

[01:51] How becoming product-led has changed things for different teams

[03:11] How becoming product-led changed things for the engineering team

[04:17] What he’ll tell organizations that want to become product-led

[08:18] The role of sales in a product led organization

[10:22] What people need to think about when it comes to freemium

[12:15] What he meant when he said “product is the new marketing”

[14:06] Metrics product-led organizations should look at

[17:22] How things have changed in terms of delivering products in a product-led organization

[18:30] What product ops is and how it fits into a product-led organization

[19:47] Advice he’d give to those who want to shift to product-led

[20:38] Where people can find him online

About Todd Olson

Todd Olson is the CEO, co-founder, and the brilliant mind behind Pendo, which helps companies drive software adoption, leading to more effective employees and happier customers. Pendo’s clients include the world’s leading digital enterprises and software companies, including Salesforce, Zendesk, LabCorp, Okta, and Verizon. In September 2020, Todd published his first book, The Product-Led Organization: Drive Growth by Putting Product at the Center of Your Customer Experience.


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