How to Change Your Marketing Motion from Sales-Led to Product-Led with Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell is Head of Marketing at UserLeap, the platform designed for modern user research. As the first continuous research platform, UserLeap uses artificial intelligence to help UX researchers and product managers obtain quantitative insights at scale so they can make informed product decisions in just hours. In this episode, Katie spoke about her primary responsibilities, their marketing plans for 2021, and her advice to those who want to go product-led.

Show Notes

[00:44] Her main responsibilities right now

[04:07] Difference in her roles and responsibilities

[06:47] He definition of PQL

[08:29] What has been working in terms of her transition into becoming product-led

[13:16] What their plans are for 2021 in terms of marketing

[15:26] The role of salespeople in their product-led journey

[19:20] Her advice to those who want to go product-led

[20:16] Where people can find out more about her and UserLeap

About Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell is a curious problem solver and a DC-based marketer. She is also the Head of Marketing at UserLeap. For over a decade, she has worked at various SaaS-based companies across B2B and B2C. She helps them elevate their brands and accelerate their growth. Before that, she has worked with large consumer brands like Campbell’s Soup Company, PBS, and BB&T Bank.


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