Top Podcasts on Product-Led Growth

I have a confession. I've become a podcast addict. Every morning I spend at least 30 minutes listening to a podcast before starting work. But lately, I've been finding it so hard to stop because the podcasts are just so good. 

So, I'd like to share some of my top product podcasts in hopes that you'll become hooked just like me. I'm evil, I know. 

Product-Led Podcast

Every week, we release a new podcast episode that dissects how world-class product leaders are using their product to grow their business. 

What's great about this podcast is that you get to learn from some of the top practitioners in the world.

OV Build Podcast

If you're looking to learn more about how other businesses approach Product-Led Growth, you can't go wrong with Openview's podcast. 

I was recently listening to the episode "The People Side of PLG with Expensify's Jason Mills" and absolutely love how they get everyone on the team to answer at least three support requests a day. 

After chatting with Tim Soulo, CMO at Ahrefs, at the last Product-Led Summit, it seems like involving your entire team in support is one of the best ways to keep your "ear to the ground" as a business and listen to your customers. This approach is becoming more and more common in product-led companies.

The Growth TL;DR Podcast

Kieran Flanagan and Scott Tousley from HubSpot run this podcast and it's just as fun as it's informative. The whole focus for the podcast is to understand how people go about building product-led businesses. One of my favorite episodes was listening to Joe, CEO of Loom. Joe reminded me that, in today's marketplace, acquisition is table stakes. To build a truly successful business, you need to nail your activation and retention. 

If you want to check out the podcast, these are my top three episode recommendations:

Why Soapbox moved from a Sales-led to Product-led CompanyVirality and Product-channel fit: The Story Behind Looms Explosive Growth
The Secrets Behind ActiveCampaign's Rapid Growth

Inside Intercom Podcast

Intercom arguably has the best intro soundtrack. The content is pretty great too. What I like about the Intercom podcast is that they interview a wide range of operators at leading SaaS companies and dig deep into the background of each guest in a way that's really exciting. 

Here are two of my favorite episodes:

ProfitWell’s Patrick Campbell on the art and science of pricingHow Atlassian built a $20 billion company with a unique sales model
Product Love Podcast 

Eric Boduch, founder of Pendo, runs this podcast. What I like about this podcast is that the host isn't just some content marketer tasked with creating a high-quality podcast. Not at all. Eric has a wealth of experience when it comes to all things product so he asks some really great questions.

If you want to learn more about how to build product roadmaps, I'd recommend checking out this episode with Hannah, CEO or Receptive.

Product to Product Podcast

The Product to Product podcast is run by Roadmunk. This podcast is perfect if you're looking to learn from other product folks who are bold enough to share what did and didn't work. 

I was recently listening to an episode on "Unlocking user onboarding for growth" and enjoyed how deep they go into setting up user onboarding flows.

The Humans Strike Back Podcast

Growing up I was a huge Star Wars fan so I LOVE the name that HotJar created for their podcast. This podcast really dives into how you can power your business by listening to your customers. There are a lot of refreshing stories from founders who have put their customer at the center of their growth strategy and built incredible businesses. 

One of my favorite episodes was listening to Rand Fishkin's episode on "user research, quick wins & why money comes from helping people."

Growth Marketing Today

One thing I love about the Growth Marketing Today podcast is how the host, Ramli, dissects some of the top growth strategies that companies like Drift, HubSpot, and Basecamp use to grow their businesses.

We both recently had a chat on how to improve your free-to-paid conversion rate, here's the link to the episode if you're keen to check it out.

Now, are there any other incredible product podcasts that I'm missing? If so, make sure to leave a comment.

Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s a renowned Product-Led Growth pioneer and has challenged an entire industry to find a better way to approach SaaS growth.