Get Certified to Grow a Product-Led Business.

The Product-led Grow Path is a series of courses aimed at helping you learn the skills, strategies, and frameworks to grow your product-led business.

Who Is This Path For?

For product-led organizations that want to learn how to grow and scale their business.
For founders and entrepreneurs who already have an MVP

What You'll Learn.

Critically evaluate user onboarding processes and identify and fix usability flaws using a data-based approach
Leverage consumer psychology frameworks and UX best-practices to turn even hard-core skeptical users into passionate product advocates
Confidently build and deliver first-class product experiences that don’t overwhelm new users — and help them easily adopt new habits with your product
Guide and support new users in experiencing precious “Aha!” moments while achieving faster time-to-value with your product

Grow Certification Path Courses.

Understand The End User

But before you build and grow a product-led business, you need to first take a step bac...

Product Qualified Leads

The emergence of the Product-Led Growth model has forever changed how we build, sell, a...

Build Your Straight-Line Onboarding

To boost your user activation rate, you have to eliminate "busy work" in your current o...

Guide Users Engaged With Product Bumpers

This course is like a crash course in dissecting what the top 1% of SaaS companies are ...

Educate Users with Conversational Bumpers

Communicating your value clearly and simply is the core of a successful product-led gro...

Onboarding Teardowns

See how popular product-led businesses such as Wave, Deputy, Fullstory, and more onboar...

Final Exam

For a lot of us, the word "exam" brings back bad memories.

The goal for the Prod...

Bonus Content

In this bonus section, you'll get access to previously recorded live expert workshops a...

Pro Live Q&A Recordings

These are the past recordings from live Q&A and feedback sessions for the ProductLe...