The Six Onboarding Mistakes People Should Avoid in their Product-Led Business with Melanie Crissey, Product Marketing Manager at FullStory

When they redesigned FullStory’s onboarding process, today’s guest scored some definite wins. However, they also made a few mistakes along the way. In this episode, Melanie Crissey shares the six onboarding mistakes they made so you can avoid them! Melanie is a Product Marketing Manager at FullStory. She also serves as product marketing lead for two product programs. In this episode, Melanie shared what onboarding looked like in 2017, how she prevented onboarding from becoming over-bloated, and the 6 onboarding mistakes she made and how she addressed them.

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Show Notes

[01:57] What FullStory is and what it’s all about

[03:14] Her role and responsibilities at FullStory

[04:27] What FullStory is focusing on right now

[06:51] How having a conversation can help improve the user experience

[08:42] How product-led growth can help traditional sales teams grow the company

[11:57] What onboarding looked like in 2017

[14:21] Her thoughts on activation emails

[16:25] Negative changes she has seen in terms of user onboarding

[17:50] How she was able to prevent onboarding from becoming over bloated 

[19:06] How the sales team qualifies the people they’ll call

[20:30] The 6 onboarding mistakes product-led businesses should avoid and how to address them

[25:35] Things she’s excited to experiment with that’s related to user onboarding

[28:20] Her advice for those who are in charge of user onboarding

[29:35] Where people can find her

About Melanie Crissey

Melanie Crissey is a product marketer and customer experience leader. FullStory’s digital experience platform enables businesses to continuously improve their digital customer experience across sites and apps. The platform proactively surfaces actionable insights from billions of data points, helping product teams make digital improvements that reduce costs and reclaim revenue.  



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Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s a renowned Product-Led Growth pioneer and has challenged an entire industry to find a better way to approach SaaS growth.