Stumbling Towards Customer-Led Growth

While leading marketing for a marketing-led SaaS company, today’s guest discovered customer-led growth. From there, she used the approach to grow revenue by almost 900 percent! In this episode, Georgiana Laudi talked about product-led growth as well as customer-led growth.

Georgiana is a seasoned strategic and growth advisor and marketing executive. She is also the co-founder of Forget the Funnel. In this episode, Georgiana differentiated sales-led from product-led, defined what product-led growth is for her, and shared her thoughts on pricing and its impact, among many others.

Show Notes

[00:43] What got her to where she is today

[07:08] Why some companies are defined as engineering-led

[10:15] What product-led growth is for her

[14:55] Difference between sales-led and marketing-led

[21:44] Types of companies that fits best for different market strategies

[27:19] The main barriers she sees for those who are trying product-led growth

[36:46] How to figure out the success metric

[42:41] One piece of advice for companies who would like to become more customer-led

[45:55] Her thoughts on pricing and its impact on the company

[47:55] Best place to find her

About Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana Laudi is a marketing executive and strategic and growth advisor. She is also the co-founder of Forget the Funnel, a company that focuses on executive level growth strategy and support for scaling SaaS businesses.

They also help growth and marketing leaders to become more effective through their workshops and trainings. Some of the multi-million dollar SaaS companies they’ve helped include Unbounce, SparkToro, Appcues, MeetEdgar, Saasler, and Calendly.


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Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s a renowned Product-Led Growth pioneer and has challenged an entire industry to find a better way to approach SaaS growth.