What The Product-Led Institute Alumni Are Saying.

Vladimir Kovalskiy

CEO and Co-Founder, Medesk
After this course, we’ve achieved an increase of 1% of additional MoM growth. And we have just scrapped the most low hanging fruits. This course was very practical, no bull.

Joe Razza

VP of Product, KnowledgeHound
This program has armed me with the frameworks, tactics and understanding of how the many parts of the business all contribute to becoming successful at implementing a PLG strategy. 

Claudia Zuniga

Customer Experience Manager, JungleScout
This course was incredible! We are still building our way to product-led and having this group and this experience is going to be of immense help as we lead with change inside our org.

Phil Tarnowski

Director of Product Management, Elate
This has been the most valuable certification program. As head of product at a six-person startup, this course has been critical for me to take a step back and evaluate where we are as a product.

Allison Wilbur

Director of Customer Success, LiquidPlanner
This program has helped me convince my company that a PLG model is the way to go. Our CEO, board, and team are aligned towards this transition. This is a huge step in the right direction. Thank you!

Phil Tarnowski

Angel Investor and VP, Stripes
I was worried it would be too conceptual and high-level initially, but really like that there were a lot of tactical tips and processes to model after. Thank you for putting together this course.
Chris Gimmer

Christopher Gimmer

CEO, Snappa
We saw a 20% boost in our MRR almost overnight by implementing just a couple of recommended changes in our onboarding process.

Kristi Gibson

Product Marketing Manager, 7shifts
One of the biggest wins after this course was that we were able to reduce seven steps in our onboarding, which increased our activation rate!

Chris Jackson

Chief Product Officer, Thomas.co
If I were to quantify the impact of the investment of this, it's really around adding confidence and clarity in our strategy.
Some of the Companies That Train Their Teams at Product-Led Institute.

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Product-Led Transformer

Go from a sales-led to product-led company
What if you could use the same genius go-to-market strategy that unbeatable juggernauts like Slack, Zoom, and Dropbox have used to dominate their markets: by giving potential customers a free version of their product to start with.

Whether that be through a free trial or freemium model, you could potentially give buyers a way to solve their immediate problems and experience that awe-inspiring “Aha!” moment...without paying upfront.

That kind of experience builds trust, wins loyal users, and makes the upgrade to paid look like an absolute no-brainer.

In this course, you’ll learn tried and true techniques for using your product as a growth engine for your business.

Product Onboarding Sprint

Scale and optimize your product-led business
Offering a free version or free trial of your product sounds like a great idea in theory. But, the reality is that 40 to 60 percent of new users will try out your app once and never return!

That’s why the user onboarding experience is a critical moment in the customer journey. It’s when new users decide whether they’ll become lifelong customers or quickly leave your product forever. 

Bad free trial experiences create a serious bottleneck in your business and prevent you from growing faster.

In this course, you’ll learn our proven strategies and create an action plan to identify the bottlenecks in your product’s onboarding and turn more of your users into customers.