Join the next cohort of the  PLG Certificate Program. Application Closes Oct 24
Join the next cohort of the  PLG Certificate Program. Application Closes Oct 24

Why You Need Strong Leaders to Shift from Sales-Led to Product-Led

The pandemic remains to be a global concern. At this challenging time, digital companies are forced into making shifts from sales led to product led to stay in business. However, this is not an easy shift to do. But this did not stop PatSnap from doing it. 

In this episode, Jeffrey will talk about how the pandemic triggered the company to make the shift and what obstacles the company encountered throughout the process. He will also share how the company made the shift and how they handled the hurdles along the way. Through the shifting, the company also formed its PLG Team. Jeffrey will put more sense on the team’s purpose and its mechanics, as well as the adjustments they made to make way for the product-led transition. 

This episode will give listeners an idea of what it is like to shift gears from being a sales-led company to a product-led one. Great advice from Jefferey awaits the listeners. Do not miss this episode!

Show Notes

[00:50] What triggered PatSnap product-led journey

[02:33] Their obstacles in shifting and how they handled them

[04:21] The Top-Down approach adjustments they made from shifting

[05:56] What Jeffrey thinks is the right move that the company did

[07:16] How they prepared for implementing the shift to PLG

[09:03] PatSnap’s PLG Team 

[11:22] The experiments that the company did along with the shift

[12:09] What did not go well in the course of implementing the shift

[13:35] His bits of advice to companies on becoming or implementing product-led

About Jeffrey Tiong

Jeffrey Tiong is the founder and CEO at PatSnap, a fast-growing Innovation big data SaaS companies, that invests over trillions of dollars for Research and Development (R&D) worldwide. The company’s mission is to help R&D thought leaders globally improve by providing a suite of R&D analytic and management tools for businesses, universities, start-ups and research organizations.


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Wes Bush
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