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Join the next cohort of the  PLG Certificate Program. Application Closes Oct 24

Why A Free Trial Model Might Not Work For Your Business

Today’s accomplished guest is a self-taught entrepreneur who ran and grew a marketing agency for 10 years before starting Hull, a powerful customer data platform designed for high growth companies. Firms that use Hull orchestrate their marketing stacks and growth by collecting, enriching, and synchronizing customer data across all their services in real time. In this episode, Romain shared why they decided to offer free trial, the experiments they did and how it affected their marketing, and why they chose to offer free trial as opposed to other options.

Show Notes

[00:50] What Hull is and why he decided to start it in the first place

[04:11] Why they decided to offer free trial

[06:59] What the first attempt looked like for Hull

[11:55] How he identified the end value

[14:00] The main driver behind people not understanding their problems

[17:59] How the experiments they did affected how they market their product

[19:19] Why they opted to do free trial as opposed to freemium or some other hybrid model

[23:19] How they help people get to a conclusion faster

[27:46] What he’ll do differently if he’ll launch the free trial again

[31:20] His thoughts on free trial and product-led growth

[33:14] How he makes decisions

[37:10] Where people can find out more about Hull and what he’s up to

About Romain Dardour

Romain Dardour is an entrepreneur, self-taught developer, designer, and problem-solver. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Hull, a customer data platform that helps brands create meaningful relationships with their customers by understanding who they are, what they do, and revealing novel insights that can help them personalize experiences at scale.


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Wes Bush

Wes Bush is the author of the bestselling book on Product-Led Growth. 

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Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s the founder of ProductLed.