Improve Your User Onboarding With Jobs-To-Be-Done Insights

Robbie Allan is the Group Product Manager at Intercom, the only suite of customer messaging products designed to drive growth at every stage of the customer lifecycle—acquisition, support, and engagement. In this episode, Robbie talked about the importance of user onboarding for companies, how jobs-to-be-done can affect user onboarding, and his aha moment.

Show Notes

[03:55] How long he’s working at Intercom and how he got started in his current role

[05:30] The importance of user onboarding for companies

[08:54] Why most companies get onboarding wrong

[12:27] His suggestion for teams who want to improve their onboarding

[14:37] Who should own onboarding

[18:18] How jobs to be done can affect user onboarding

[23:24] How the four forces come into play

[27:05] What to do when there are multiple jobs-to-be-done

[30:30] His aha moment

[32:39] When the initial onboarding is done

[37:44] His advice to podcast listeners

[41:03] Where people can find out more about him and Intercom

About Robbie Allan

Robbie Allan is a seasoned SaaS product leader with a top-tier strategy background. He also has world-class B2B SaaS experience and a passion for sales and marketing. Currently, he is the Group Product Manager at Intercom, the business manager loved by businesses and customers alike. Today, over 30,000 businesses use Intercom to connect with over a billion people worldwide!


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