What are the Best B2B SaaS Agencies?

Last week I was reading a question on Quora regarding who the best B2B SaaS agencies to hire are and it got me thinking...

Do you really want a one-stop shop for your marketing?

Even the best full-service agencies are really only good at one or maybe two things. And when it comes to freelancers, well, do we really think that they are exceptional at SEO, SEM, CRO, Onboarding, LinkedIn Ads, HubSpot, Marketing Automation, Go-to-market, and Pricing Strategy?

I sure hope not. 🙂

If you’re looking for a B2B SaaS marketing agency, I’d focus less on the “what agency part” and spend more time focusing on the core problem you’re trying to solve.

Depending on your specific problem, these are some of the best B2B SaaS marketing agencies & consultants:

Setting up your marketing & sales stack, check out 42+ Agency - Kamil runs 42+Agency and has solid experience helping people at companies such as CrowdRiff setup systems that scale with your demand generation engine.

Conversion copywriting, check out SwayCopy - Josh runs SwayCopy and has incredible experience and results working with some of the largest SaaS companies in the business, such as HubSpot

Marketing Strategy, check out DemandMaven - Asia runs DemandMaven and has some solid experience from Hull.io that can be extremely helpful to you growing your SaaS startup.

Optimize Your Onboarding Experience, check out Product-Led Institute - I’m the crazy one behind this one, but, to my credit, I’ve helped optimize both free trial and freemium models in hyper-competitive industries and have generated millions for my clients.

Free Trial Emails That (Actually) Convert, check out Val Geisler - Val runs this ship and helps B2C startups kick some serious butt when it comes to leveraging email for free trial and freemium models. Sign up for her newsletter for a sneak peek at what she can do.

Setting up an analytics stack, check out BardAnalytics - Jake runs BardAnalytics but used to be the VP Customer Success at Segment (also their first employee). When it comes down to setting up an analytics stack, his team is the best!

Creating social proof that makes random people want to buy from you a bit more, check out Case Study Buddy - Joel runs Case Study Buddy and has an incredible process to get your business an unreal case study with very little time investment on your front. Joel also doubles as a conversion copywriter at Business Casual Copywriting.

Pricing Strategy, check out Price Intelligently - Patrick runs Price Intelligently and helps people answer some tough questions when it comes to “what is your product worth?” He’s got one of the best processes out there for understanding this question in your business and developing a solid pricing strategy.

Customer Research, check out  Jennifer Havice. She can help you determine exactly who your target audiences is and what messages they need to hear at each point in the customer journey.

LinkedIn Lead Generation for your sales team, check out LeadCookie - Jake runs LeadCookie and has helped lots of entrepreneurs, including myself, up their LinkedIn game and acquire more customers through LinkedIn. It’s worth checking out LeadCookie’s website, even if you don’t plan on using the service but just want to learn how to up your LinkedIn game.

Social Media Management, check out MixBloom - Pietro runs MixBloom and can save you countless hours running your social media outlets by doing all the heavy-lifting of finding, curating, and creating the content so you can stay relevant across all the channels that matter to your audience.

Video testimonials, check out ResultsStory - Michael runs ResultStory and has an excellent process for putting together powerful video testimonials with your customers. Given that video is taking the world by storm (backed by consumer demand), it’s worthwhile to have video testimonials in your marketing stack.

Cold email, check out SalesFolk, Heather runs SalesFolk and creates cold emails that people actually want to receive…as crazy as that sounds. Her team is that good.

High-converting testimonial videos, check out Testimonial Hero, Sam Shepler is the founder and is a pro at helping SaaS companies put the spotlight on the customer. These case studies and testimonials have helped major SaaS players like InsightSquared and YesWare win 100's of customers.

Channel-as-a-service, check out Channel As a Service, Stewart Townsend is the founder and has built indirect sales programs for leading SaaS businesses like Zendesk. Stewart can help you build out a channel program and can also be your outsourced channel manager

High-converting websites, check out Zeda Labs, Quinn Zeda is the founder and has an incredible process to consistently create websites that convert. If you're looking to level-up your website, you need to talk to Quinn now as she's often booked out at least 6 months in advance.

Streamline your Pipeline, Chris Ortolano at Outbound Edge provides a 64 point pipeline assessment to focus on the the conversations and sale metrics that matter the most. Chris optimizes pipelines and dashboards to help sales managers turn insights into action. Chris is also creator of SalesStack, a Slack community, for B2B inside sales pros.

Upgrade your tech-stack, Mark Colgan runs Yellow O which helps you get the most out of your marketing & sales technology. Mark started Yellow O with the sole purpose of scaling revenue generation through the effective use of marketing & sales automation technology. You can count on him to build a repeatable, scalable and profitable revenue engine for your business.

Nail your product positioning, April Dunford has deep expertise in Market Positioning and has launched 16 products into market. Probably more by the time you talk to her. You can count on her to help you position your products in established markets. Or create a new category altogether.

Reduce your SaaS Churn, check out Growth Sandwich - Aggelos runs Growth Sandwich and has developed a method of reducing predicting, preventing and destroying churn rate through customer research and evidence-based experimentation.

Emails to power your product-led growth. Nikki’s written and tested thousands of emails (and studied another hundred thousand) for SaaS brands like Doodle, Prezi, Tailwind, and Sprout Social. Need emails to drive your product led growth? Test drive a sequence at nikkielbaz.com. Want to learn how to use email to grow your company (and career)? Move beyond email templates and best practices at unmassmarket.com.

Scaling SEO, Paid Search & Social, check out Powered by Search — Dev and his team have solid experience acquiring demos and trials for B2B SaaS companies like Clickfunnels, Clio, Loopio and many others with established product-market fit. 

Hopefully at least one of these beautiful people can help you in the future!

Now, I'm curious. What are some other specialists in the B2B SaaS space that you recommend?

Wes Bush
Wes Bush
Wes Bush is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth. He’s a renowned Product-Led Growth pioneer and has challenged an entire industry to find a better way to approach SaaS growth.